Light bleeding 17 wks

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trying2hard Posts: 177
Don't know what to do ? Just went to loo and when I wiped there was some light blood, been having minor cramps on and off last couple of days, few earlier this morning, and slot of pressure like I need to wee and then I can't go. Is this a urine infection ? Should I call hospital? ,my doc doesn't work sat or are I'm been silly ?
Mrs W Posts: 2923
I would call the hospital just to check it out, hopefully it's nothing but you're better to put your mind at ease. Good luck, hope everything is ok
Ljp Posts: 161
HI, You definitely need to call the hospital, I had a couple of spots at 17 weeks too and when i rang they made me come in and I had exam and scan. Everything was fine but they said they always thoroughly check out any bleeding after 12 weeks.Dont worry I'm sure everything will be grand but you need to go in today for sure, don't wait till monday. Do u have the number to phone? Good luck..
trying2hard Posts: 177
Just back, all is ok. It's a urine infection, gave me antibiotics and go back Monday of it hasn't cleared. Baby heartbeat good and strong so all seems ok
gopro Posts: 1801
that's great news babs is ok. a relief I'd say hope the antibiotic kick in
Silini2 Posts: 3834
That's great. I had same at 26w with dd2 and it was a kidney infection. Scary. Mind yourself and rest up
Mrs W Posts: 2923
That's great news, glad all is ok. I had a really bad kidney infection at 36 weeks, pains came on really sudden and I actually thought I was in labour, I would have list my life altogether if I started bleeding!!
ttc2012 Posts: 661
Great news :o)ll :o)ll Not that u are unwell but that its nothing to do with the baby, hope u are feeling ok
mymission Posts: 319
Thats great that everything is ok ttc2012 - hope you're infection clears up really quickly now. Its so scarey to see blood. I had blood on the tissue 2 weeks ago - but I had a scheduled scan on monday - so I waited until then for the scan and everything was fine aswell. TBH I hate all the drama that goes on in the hospital when they are checking out a bleed - I just couldn;t face it. I'm glad now that i waited for my routine scan and everything was ok. I think children start turning your hair grey even before they're born :-)