Light Bleeding @ 6 weeks

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CooperA Posts: 2
Hi Everyone, I've always been a reader of this forum, but I could do with some advise please. I'm just over 6 weeks pregnant, 6 + 2 or 6 + 3. I had an early scan last week (internal) in the EPU as I had suffered a miscarriage previously. All went fine with my scan, the doctor said all looked exactly as it should for my stage of pregnancy & it was just too early for heartbeat I'm booked in for early May again. So now the problem, since the trans vaginal scan I have been spotting blood, it began as a light pink discharge after I wiped on & off. Then the next day & today there is streaks of blood after I wipe & on my liner. It's going on 3 days now, I've spoken to the hospital & they say if it gets very heavy, becomes a flow or if I experience cramping to come in. I have none if those symptoms. They said it can be common in early pregnancy & to rest up, which I am but when I get up & go for a walk or stay standing to long I get another small show. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this in the early part of their pregnancies. I'm terrified, cause I can't do anything till Tuesday but it feels different to when I had the last MC, that was a gush & less than an hour later it was extremely heavy. I would be very grateful to hear of anyone else experienced anything similar.
cuppatea Posts: 311
Hi, I had this all through my first pregnancy and it is horrible and stressful, but sometimes it's just 'one of those things'. Was there ever a more annoying phrase! So try your best to ignore it unless it turns very heavy and bright red, easier said than done I know.
e1980 Posts: 33
I miscarried my first pregnancy, and thinking back, I'd had plenty of signs that my pregnancy had failed i.e. loss of symptoms, cramping, absolutely no CM. I had a gush of blood in the morning, and the bleeding was very heavy within 10-12 hours. It completed that evening I believe. Roll on 2 months later, and I find out I'm pregnant again. At 6 + 1 I ha.d some spotting (mostly brown) with cramping too. This lasted for the guts of 2-3 days. I had no loss of symptoms. I had a scan (external) privately, and baby was fine with heart beating and measuring ahead. Said it was either the cervix or an implantation bleed which took a little while to come out. Hopefully the scan has just irritated your cervix and that it will resolve itself in the next little while. I know how stressful it is, and I wish you the best with this xxxxx
babythoughts Posts: 130
I remember when I had my internal scan the girl performing it told me it was perfectly normal to bleed a bit after it and not to worry if I did because it can irritate you.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
If you are really concerned and in need of reassurance I'd present myself to the hospital and "exaggerate" the extent of the spotting and they will check you over. I never had any kind of spotting on DS but with this pregnancy I had bleeding at 8 weeks & again at 10 weeks and it turned out I had a bruise on my uterus. All fine and normal but I needed the reassurance. xoxox
CooperA Posts: 2
Thanks ever so much for the replies, it's been a long weekend in every sense of the word. I got an appointment this morning, spoke to the midwife she said although is not "normal" it is very common. It's seems to have trickled off now & hopefully will remain like that. She felt doing another internal would be OTT. I have an appointment for another scan after the bank holiday so they'll asses again then, in the mean time I'm to rest as much as possible - I'm on holiday break till Monday so that's great timing - and to try and relax. She did say even with all the advances in medicine that there's nothing that can be done if the worse was to happen but that my symptoms were common. So here's hoping. Thank you so much again for taking time on a BH to reply, it was greatly appreciated.