light bleeding from week 6 - update - hoping to get scan on

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Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi everyone!! I am just giving you an update on my bleeding of 3 weeks ago – have been monitoring myself since then and have had more bleeding but have to say it is ot much – it usually happens every other day and haven’t been getting cramps with it but I have booked my appointment with doctor for Friday and going to ask him to refer me on to hospital early pregnancy unit to have a scan to reassure myself everything is ok – I will just be 2 days off the 10 week mark and should be able to see something and they should hear a heartbeat…….. Has anyone else had similar experiences and were they very worried about it – I am trying not to worry as I know that would not be good for baby – as my sister says if it is going to miscarry it will happen even if you wrap yourself in cotton wool - she knows as she had 3 miscarriages, one at 12, one at 14 and one at 16 weeks…….she had had five children previous to these and then these 3 in a row and then got pregnant again and was in hospital on bedrest from week 19 with the last baby and he was born prematurely and is now a very sturdy and active 12 year old…… I will let you all know how I get on on Friday and hope to get some reassurance from the scan!!
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Good luck Mrs. Maternal! Please let us know how you get on. Ill keep everything crossed for you. x sg.
soontohave3 Posts: 160
Hi Mrs Maternal, Hope i can join in with you all. i was a regular for my wedding last year and have been logging on regularly to read this disscussion forum but have not joined in till now as i was afraid to tempt faith. I got a BFP on stephen's day but have had nothing but problems since. I woke up bleeding on Christmas day and thought my AF had arrived then when bleeding appeared to stop on stephen's day i tested and got a BFp. Went to GP 3 time over next few days and only on third visit did they get a positive test in the surgery despite me getting several positive results at home. Bleeding restarted during those days and doc's kept telling me i was loosing the baby and "at least you know you can get Pregnant" which wasn't very helpful. Eventually 2 weeks ago was sent to hospital for early scan which showed no heart beat and was told might have lost the baby or might just be too early for heart beat so had to return a week later. Examination by doc showed i had cervical erosion. The following week repeat scan showed heart beat and everything was ok. Yesterday again i had a large bleed (very red) previously had been brown/black went back to hospital and had another scan which again showed everything was ok and blood was ? coming from cervix. Sorry for the long winded story but i'm really all over the place at the moment. my due date is sept 8th if all goes well. Mrs maternal go and have the scan done and hopefully it will show all is ok appartently lots of people have problems with bleeding and things work out fine. I'll be thinking of you.