Light headed & dizzy

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novice1 Posts: 276
I'm 7wks gone and feeling very lighted headed in last 2 days. This morning I had to lie down for a while as I thought I was actually going to faint. Just now at work I got up from my desk really quickly and I went all dizzy and had to sit back down to settle again. Is this all normal? Am I lacking in iron or should I go to the gp. Thanks.
chloe100 Posts: 97
Hi Novice, Congrats on your pregnancy :o)ll It's a very normal symptom during pregnancy. I've suffered from this a little bit and I actually fainted once. when I got to the GP my blood pressure was perfect again. My iron levels are fine as well, I'm not taking any supplement ( just folic acid until 14 wks) as consultant said if you can get all the nutrients from your diet it's far better.... Maybe pop into your GP to get your BP checked just for a bit of reassurance and a professional opinion but from my experience it's all very normal
allexcitednow Posts: 654
its very normal! Just get into the habbit of standing up slowly. try not to rush around and drink plenty of water. the baby is just draining everything out of you as it grows really fast at this stage. have a lie down when you need it. i know some days I just had to lie down for half an hour a few times during the day.
chicam Posts: 1169
Very normal, don't worry. I was light headed and fainted a few times around 7-10 weeks, even now at 22 I have to watch getting up to quickly. You'll gradually get used to it, and if you're dizzy go to bed for a while even if you don't sleep.
novice1 Posts: 276
Thanks for the reassurance. I'll just have to get used to it and take things a bit easier from now on.
arib Posts: 499
You should still go to your doc and have your BP checked in case it's too low.