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MScStudent Posts: 22
Hi everyone, We are having our wedding ceremony in the hotel but need to decide on the time. Photographers mentioned to us about losing light early at that time of year (4th of November) but the wedding coordinator advised to have a later ceremony so that there isn't too long between the ceremony and being called for dinner. We can't figure out what to do or who to listen to! Does it really matter if guests are waiting a little longer in the hotel?
KevinMorrisPhotography Posts: 266
Hi there, around this time it starts to get quite dark at around 3:30pm - a decent photographer can probably stretch things out to nearly 4pm but if it happens to be a cloudy day 3:30 would probably be your limit. If you have a 2pm ceremony and forego a greeting line you would have around 1 hour for photos, and, if you wanted to get your bride & groom, bridal party and family shots outside you would need that hour. if you are concerned about time you could have a "first look" session before the ceremony, just yourself & fiance, although not everyones cup of tea it could relieve any stress / rushing. In reality it's up to yourselves, if the photos are important, and you would like them outside then push the ceremony back to earlier, if you are happy to have pics taken indoors then do whatever suits you. :) Warm regards Kevin
denlo Posts: 124
As Kevin says the light is gone by mid afternoon so push your ceremony back an hour. Your guests won't mind mingling a bit longer, especially if there's nibbles and drinks involved. Remember it's only one day in your life and you don't want to miss the opportunity to get your photos done without rushing.
MScStudent Posts: 22
Thank you both for your replies, I think we will have to go for an earlier ceremony, we aren't travelling anywhere for the photos so that saves some time but I still wouldn't like them to be too rushed