Light stabbing pains in seventh week?

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Trying4No.1 Posts: 298
Girls, i have a history of miscarriages. Had a scan on Friday at 6 weeks 1 day and doctor said everything was perfect for my dates. Although there was no heartbeat, she said it was too ealy. Anyway, most of yesterday i had pressure in my pelvic region. It felt like that brusing feeling you get when you have AF. Then last night, i had light stabbing pains around my left ovary. They would come and go all night but they weren't constant pains but enough to know they were there and keep me awake worrying. I still have them on and off this morning. I had a bit more brown spotting on Saturday night but nothing since. Girls, im worried sick that its another mc. Ive tried calling the EPU this morning but no answer! I'm on progesterone and I read somewhere that that it can delay bleeding in a miscarriage. Did anyone experience these type of pains/niggles in their seventh week?
Princess_Jess Posts: 445
sorry i culdnt read and not reply. you should keep trying the EPU and explain ur situation to them. i'm sorry i cant be of more help to you. hope everyting works out for you x
mrsblacky Posts: 440
They could just be stretching pains.... your little bean is growing so you have to stretch to accommodate him/her! Get it checked out anyway to be on the safe side! :thnk
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
hi, It might be streching pains, but keep trying the epu anyway and go in just for the reasurrance. What hospital are you attending? Maybe just even pop in if you cant get through?