Lighter movements - 38 weeks

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jjewel Posts: 691
Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this...... The last day or so I'm having plenty of movement from babs, but it doesn't feel as strong or forceful as before. I'm thinking that maybe baby has turned around so that she's facing my back and the main strength of the movements are inside, but not sure. Im not too worried because as I say there is still plenty of movement there. Have a hosp appointment today anyway so will ask then, but just curious if anyone has experienced it? I'm 38 and a half weeks now.....
Daff Posts: 11644
Try not to worry cause it's totally normal. the movements are softer as they run out of room but just mention it today to them just to double check. If you have no movements for a while I'd be worried. Just keep count of them from now on so you know yourself. If I didn't feel one every hour from your stage I'd be actively trying to provoke some. Best of luck, not long now!
lincoln Posts: 387
I felt the movements got lighter and less obvious from that time one. On occasion I got a fright and would have to encourage the movements - drinking cold water etc. Seemingly it's normal for the movements to get less erratic as there is less room in there. And it could do with the way the baby is turned as you suggested. As the other poster said, just mention it today and have your mind put at ease.
jjewel Posts: 691
Thanks girls.... wasn't really worried because there was still plenty of movement, but it just felt lighter. Asked the midwife today and she said its probably just because baby is running out of run, but that its nothing to worry about once there's enough movement.