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littlemissus Posts: 481
I've posted this in Hen & Stag also... I'm organising my friends hen at the moment,can anyone suggest suitable bars/clubs in Limerick preferably that we could reserve areas in and obviously hen friendly! Or if anyone has any other suggestions for Limerick in general i'd appreciate it. Thanx a mill!
dellyb1 Posts: 2489
Don't go near nancys if u are any way dressed up as hen party one of best spots at weekends but don't like hen/stags I'd try flannerys in denmark street(2 mins from nancys) I've been to fw hens here no problems with bring dressed up, you have Smyths, cuckoo box then the icon and angel lane nightclubs all within seconds if each other in this part of town this area is the liveliest at weekends
tipp Posts: 275
Hi, I had my hen in Limerick we staed in the George hotel on O COnnell st it's fab. Wemt for a meal in the chineese across the road and after the meal went to Closhessy's pub witch is behind the George Hotel, The night club the Sin Bin is down stairs in the pub. We were calling it our triangle of fun. Very little hassle and after the nite club fell back to the residents bar in the hotel. There was 34 on the hen so we felt that moving pubs would be a pain in th ass and also the maybe some of us not getting in. The pub plays great music and we were dancing around the place. Also it's ahaven for rugby players for all the single ladies!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll On the sat afternoon myself and the bridesmaids went down to BT which is 2 mins from the hotel snd got our makr up done after getting hair done in Toni & Guy.......A lovely way to spend the afternoon before having a few cocktails to kick off the evening. hope that helps
littlemissus Posts: 481
Thanx 4 the replies girls! Sounds like a good enough spot anyway. :thnk
Mrs Magnum Posts: 974
I would also recommend the Jasmine Palace, Chinese if ye are looking for somewhere to eat. Ate there a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous. Would need to be booked as that Fri night it was very busy.
Lilica Posts: 755
I agree about the Jasmine, Clohessy's and the Sin Bin. Am from Limerick and those are the places I'd recommend for a hen. Enjoy!!
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
I love The Savoy bar, but not if ye look like a typical hen. Le Chocolat restaurant or the Hamptons do great food aswell. Aubars on Thomas St is a good club aswell. HTH