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mrsbling Posts: 28
dunno whether to go public or private in limerick, most posts here seem to be about dublin hospitals!! i know you have to decide straight away if you are going private but what does semi private mean? thanks
anastasia beaverhausen Posts: 175
Hey Mrs Bling - I'm in the same boat as you. TBH, I haven't heard a whole lot about LRMH but it seems to differ quite a bit - everyone's experience is different. I've been trying all day to book a private consultant for mid Sept with no luck - so don't waste any time. At this stage, it looks like I'll have to take whoever I can get - choice won't really come into it. Because I've decided to go private, I don't know what "semi-private" means in relation to consultants, but I do know that it means you're in a small ward/room with maybe 2 or 3 other mums. Have you any feedback on LRMH yourself?
mrsbling Posts: 28
well i was in there on sunday visiting a friend on a public ward and she said it was grand, just pull the curtain around and twas all the one where you were, she said the midwife was fantastic and she couldnt fault them in any way - she had a long labour and was wrecked but couldnt fault anything, but because its so busy if you go private you are not guarnteed a room!!!
mumtobe Posts: 145
Hello Mrsbling, I'm also from Limerick .I am going private because my SIL went public & had awful trouble after giving birth & we nearly lost her.I know dis cud happen in any other hospital in Ireland or to private patients too but just for my own peace of mind I'd prefer to go private.I also know loads of people who went public & received fantastic care. This is my first baby but who knows I might decide to go public next time. Its a very personal decision , dont let anyone pressure you into it cos @ the end of the day your not guarantee'd any extra treatment. Take Care
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi there is a great website Rate my hospital that has feedback from all the hospitals, it has comments from patients and score cards.
Moet for me Posts: 1841
My SIL made a very valid point about going private in some of the other hospitals down the country (she is in Kilkenny) basically her theory was that there were only very few obs and gynaes in the hospital so if you went public or private chances were you'd nearly end up with the same doctor for the delivery if there was a need for a doctor. Made sense to me.
summer daisy Posts: 1336
Hi there I went public in Limerick and I honestly cannot fault the care, attention or coinsideration in the hospital towards me, my husband and our darling baby. They were fantastic every time.. I saw my consultant only once (Dr.Burke) and was referred to the midwives clinic after that.. The clinic and midwives were fantastic and I never waited more then 10 minutes to see them. Then when I was brought in to be induced I was given a semi-private room (even though I was public) and treated so very well on the ward, delivery suite and in admissions! Granted the place is not a hotel but I can honestly say I left the hospital with great respect for the staff (from the cleaners to the chief consultants!) and will have no problem returning there again for my next baby (please God).. and as a public patient!! HTH Summer Daisy PS: I wanted initally to go private initally but had the same problem booking a consultant - as it turned out as a public patient I got the consultant that I would have wanted anyway!!
anastasia beaverhausen Posts: 175
A very valid points - seems to be much of a muchness really, especially for 1st timers (like me), but maybe those on 2nd or 3rd pgs might have opinions on pub/private based on previous experiences. Just today, I've managed to book a consultant for mid-Sept due date - Dr Slevin - NE1 know anything about him?? No disrespect, but if I didn't take the appt with him, I would've had to go public - no other consultants available in LK for sept 07!!!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I have heard nothing but good things about Dr Selvin. To be honest he's my first choice of gyne for when I get my BFP. He's a gentleman and specialises in scanning. You did well to get him.
mumtobe Posts: 145
Hi Anastasia Beaverhausen I work wit a guy who's wife had Dr Slevin in August 2006 & was very happy with him.He is supposed 2 have very modern scanning equipment. I am going with Dr Skehan myself because I know so many people who had him & were very happy with him. Best of luck with him & your pregnancy.