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bababunting Posts: 141
Hello girls, Im about to drop soon and have just done out a lovely birth plan, hopefully it all goes swimmingly etc etc, but i was wondering how you found your hospital care with midwives and doctors in Limerick. I am a public patient by the way. I have down no episiotomy without consent , plus i would like to have a natural 3 stage.. according to the lovely midwives during the antenatal classes she said that the doc might just come along and give you a wee cut ( and shur you wont even feel it ) :eek More or less said aswell that the injection for 3 stage labour was given without you knowing also.. Are they open for discussion thoughout labour ? would you consider them to be progressive enough ? Thanks girls
Herewegoagain2013 Posts: 18
hi babbunting, congrats on the forthcoming arrival!! I went public on my previous two pregnancies and on this one too in Limerick. my experiance was very different on both, but all good. on DS1, went 10 days over, brought in to be induced, while waiting to see a doc over night went into labour. midwifes were very good all through, listened to what i wanted. read birth plan etc. dont hold out on birth plan though, things change and you just have to go with it. i had an episiotomy as ds was looking up instead of down and had to be vacuumed out. they did tell me i was having epis and that was fine. on DD1, i got gest diabetes, ended up in there at 28 weeks for a couple of nights, again best of care. went in to be induced a week early due to diabetes but went into labour in the kitchen that morning before i left (i have a habit of scaring myself into labour!!) very quick labour, midwifes very attentive and good, had a very easy going birth plan as i knew things can change but i asked for baby to be out straight on tummy and not to say what we had, and they did what i asked. i had a bleed afterwards twice, again straight away a doctor and registrar were into me and sorted it out. in my own experiance, i go the best of care and once you are in the doors they dont care whether you are private or public, you get the best of care. :wv