Limerick public - how long to wait for scan? UPDATE

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poppy1 Posts: 596
Well after numerous phonecalls to the clinic over the past week, i got an answer today. They had the wrong address for me, so the letter about my scan has gone to my neighbours... Anyway have it when im 13 wks, so cant wait to see little babs in real life!! best of luck to everyone having scans! ******************************************************** Hey all ye limerick mums to be!! My gp sent off my form for the scan on the 9th of August and i havent heard back from them yet. I rang and the girl said you would get it in writing, but didnt offer to check if i had been allocated a slot. Is it the norm to wait this long? thanks
charli Posts: 5994
my GP wrote off when i was 4/5 weeks (on confirmation) i got a letter from them then about a month later giving me an appointment for 4 weeks time - when i was 13 weeks so confirmed end of May - letter end of June - appointment for end of July - at this first scan you get your next scan appointment for 31 weeks and you also get another appointment for the clinic (not scan) for 26 weeks - thats provided all is well obviously and you dont need more monitoring etc you go to your GP in-between congrats!
poppy1 Posts: 596
thanks charli - still have received anything yet - might give them another bell!!!
Lady Muck Posts: 19
I'm going home every day waiting for my letter, so I'll have to wait another few weeks then! Sugar. :o0
summer daisy Posts: 1336
Hiya lads, Just to let you know I got my letter confirming the first scan when I was about 8-9 weeks gone (about 3-4 weeks before the scan). It really gave me something to look forward to!! SD