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Mrs Febbride Posts: 1234
You know on limewire where there isnt enough sources are it just wont download any tips for fixing it? :thnk :thnk
Mrs Febbride Posts: 1234
[email protected]
Das Kitty Posts: 452
There aren't enough sources because no one uses it anymore. It downloads directly from other users who are showing the same music. To be honest I don't know of any P2P programmes where you can get individual songs anymore, I was looking for one at Christmas because I wanted to get the Frank Kelly 12 days of Christmas song. Ended up having to record it off streaming audio.
mad woman Posts: 22106
be careful of limewire its full of spyware.
Das Kitty Posts: 452
There's a vanilla version you can get. But yeah, be careful! Forgot about that it's so long since I used it.