Line on hpt getting lighter

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Trying4No.1 Posts: 298
Girls, im a nervous wreck. I've had two missed mc's before, the last one in Jan. I got a BFP on Wednesday morning (at 16dpo) on a cheap internet test. Did a clear blue digital that evening and it came up pregnant in 60 seconds. For ease of mind i did another test yesterday afternoon (two days later) and the line was much fainter. So I help my pee for 3 and half hours and did another digital and cheap test yesterday evening. This time it took 2 and half minutues for the digital to say pregnant but the line on the other test was much fainter again. Now this morning, there's really no line there at all (whats there is like a faint evaporation line) and ive no digital test left. Girls im a nervous wreck. I'm on aspirin but wondering should i be on progeterone to try and support the pregnancy. I've tried to call the EPU in the hospital but they're not answering. Maybe i should call the gp out of service number. Any advice girls? I'm a nervous wreck here.
round two Posts: 1018
Hi Trying, I am sorry pet, i don't know what to say to you. You are still very early and testing so frequently can look fainter. The EPU where i live do not work at the weekend and i don't think that the out of hours gp service is really going to be able to help you. I think you will have to brave it out until monday. I know that that is impossible looking at it right now, but the girls on wol are here to give you support as much as we can. Good luck and take care RT
blondiee Posts: 771
Hi Trying, I don't think you should do anymore tests as it is early days and your hormones are prob all over the place. Try and get to EPU is possible, surely someone there can help you, pregnancy doesn't stop for weekend. Best of luck, keep us posted
Elegance Posts: 2848
oh trying this is so scary for you. i've had a missed mc before and it leaves its mark on you forever I think. its worrying being prg anyhow, but add in the factor of a previous mc and its terrifying. if no answer from the epu - try ringing the general hospital number and see if they can tell you when the epu is open. is there any private scan places near you? i know how scary not knowing is. only other suggestion is buy a different pg test - i heard on ttc recently that a batch of pg tests were faulty - don't want to give you false hope, but there is always a chance that the tests are wrong. i'm really wishing that everything works out for you. :xox
zoey Posts: 1574
You poor thing - I can only imagine how scared and worried you must be about this. But please try to stay positive - you have no other 'bad' symptoms like spotting, bleeding or cramps so you should try and take that as a good sign. Lots of girls just do one test and then take it that they are pregnant - lines getting lighter could happen to lots of girls only they don't do more than one test (if that makes any sense). I really really hope that everything will be ok for you and your little bean. Unfortunately, if your epu is closed for the weekend then there is very little can be done unless you could face a trip to your local maternity emergency room. Best of luck pet and please God the next thing you'll be worrying about will be morning sickness and big sore boobs. Zoey :lvs
Trying4No.1 Posts: 298
Thanks for your reply girls. My gp is on holidays but I went to another GP this morning. Had the personality of i wont say what! I explained that I got two positives on the digital and that the one step tests have been getting lighter even though they have very very faint lines. Anyway, he did another test, and his one was also a One Step but slightly different. Within 30 seconds he said its negative. He then said its unlikely you're pregnant at all, and even asked who told me on my last two pregnancies that i was pregnant!! :ooh So i just replied "well obviously if i had to have a D&C i was pregnant" >:o( He completely dismissed me even though i tried to tell him that i know myself i am or was pregnant. Within 5 minutes i left feeling devastated. I got into the car and took another look at his test and it has a faint line on it also. I read the back of his instructions and it said you need to wait 10 minutes to confirm a negative result. This very very very faint line definitely appeared within the 10 minutes. Girls, im a mess! I phoned the EPU and finally got through. Spoke with a lovely nurse and she is going to speak to one of the consultants and Ive to call her back after one. Please please please god may there be a reason for this!
tilsun Posts: 4506
HI trying, I just wanted to sympathise, what a terrible situation made only worse by that pig of a doctor. I really hope EPU can offer some help.
MomToEmandJ Posts: 1977
trying4no1 that was the last thing you needed to hear from the doctor. what an inconsiderate pig, talk about a joke. i hope you get an answer soon pet, thinking of you. hope the nurse in the EPU will be able to fit you in today :xox
Trying4No.1 Posts: 298
Girls, i got talking to a doctor in the epu. She told me to buy a different brand test and then test again in 3 hours. So i went out and bought a First Response and a definite faint line came up within the three minutes. Its a pink line but faint. So i'm either pregnant or pregnant and losing it. Phoned the hospital back and they told me to just wait a few days and see what happens. I still have no cramps or bleeding, the very odd light dart feeling in my private area but thats it. I'm still dying to pee every hour which has also been a definite pg sign for me. Hopefully everything will work out girls. Poor DH is google eyed from looking at hpts all day! We're heading to see U2 now and im going to try and forget about if for now. Thank you all so much again.
milis Posts: 7998
Sorry the doctor was such an ass to you, hope you can enjoy the concert, and sending sticky vibes to you, hope it works out *)