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LoveLife123 Posts: 2138
Hi girls, As you can see from my ticker only have 30 days to go. My dress is VERY figure hugging and its is tight across the bum & hips. Am going walking a few times a week and am trying to watch what I eat but slipping at the weekends (sometimes in spectacular style!). We just moved into a brand new house a week ago aswell so trying to do that up and not getting time to exercise every night like I would like to. I only have about 7-10lbs to loose and am wondering if anybody has tried these LIPObind tabs and if they would help at all?
joer Posts: 1617
havent tried them but if you could cut down on carbs and alcohol, you could probably shift some of those pounds, dont stress too much though, do what you can as stress can actually cause you to keep the weight on