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catho2404 Posts: 45
Hi all I was on liportim for about 15 lweeks for my wedding , now married and and back on maintentance , I was at ideal weight but am now 5lbs over after honemoon, I am just wondering is there anyone else on the maintentance , how are they finding it . Are you mixing the shakes as with TFR Lipotrim . I intend to have maintenance sachet for breakfast and lunch , then eat healthy dinner. Has anyone else tried this , how did they find the maintentance?did it work How did they use it ? Thanks
zukki Posts: 312
Hiya catho - I remember you from the lipotrim thread. It's great to hear you have kept the majority of the weight off and 5lbs up over your honeymoon is nothing! I think I must have put on about 2 stone in Australia! I'm just starting my 2nd week on maintenance after losing 7 stone on tfr. I lost 3 lbs last week but I was v strict with the refeed aspect of it. This week I don't expect to lose as much. I'm having a maintenance bar for brekkie & lunch and a healthy dinner (I can't stand the shakes). I'm finding it great to be honest. I'm not hungry and still drinking 3-4 litres of water. I want to lose about another 10 lbs this way if the chemist will let me stay on it that long. When are you starting?
big day \\\'08! Posts: 482
the maintenance programme is fab