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gilsenoa Posts: 24
Hi all, I've just started lipotrim today,have about 3 stone to lose but just wanted to do lipotrim to kinda kickstart the weight loss for about 3 weeks before I go on my holidays.The girl in the chemist told me if I'm only doing it for 3 weeks,I should just do the actual lipotrim for only 2 weeks and then go onto the refeed programme for the last week before I go away or I'll risk putting the weight back on if I go straight from the lipotrim to eating.Only problem with this is I really wanted to stay on it for the 3 wks and then go onto a healthy eating plan as I don't think you lose that much on the refeed programme in comparsion to the lipotrim itself and as I'm only doing it for 3 wks I really wanted to stick on it and achieve a decent weightloss.Just wondering if any of ye went straight from the programme to healthy eating or did ye all do the refeed programme and if so did ye find ye lost any weight on the refeed programme.Any advice would be greatfully appreciated.... ;)
MollieO Posts: 301
The refeed reintroduces carbs to your body. After being in Ketosis for a period of time, if you start full on eating again, no matter how healthy you think you're being you will put on weight. The refeed works similiar to this. Day 1 - 2 shakes + protein only meal (ie boiled chicken) Day 2 - 2 shakes + protein meal and low carb veg (broccoli, spinich etc) Going from Lipotrim to holiday mode could be disasterous and you will end up piling on the pounds while away. You'll get a better and lasting result if you just do it for the two weeks, then the refeed and then go on holidays. You may manage to maintain your weight on holidays by following a low carb diet (I never can) and then when you get back you haven't undone all the good work.
gilsenoa Posts: 24
Just wondering though goosegirl,will I still lose weight on the maintenance programme,or does your weight just stabilise,I could really do with losing as much as possible before this holiday!!!
MollieO Posts: 301
I just started yesterday, but friends have done it, still doing it and starting tomorrow. A great friend of mine did it from Early Sept to December. She lost 4 stone in that time. She was militant about it and it paid off, but she didn't complete the refeed or do the maintannce, it was Christmas and the temptation was just too much. She put back on 2 stone. Another friend did it by doing the diet for three weeks, then refeed for a week and then healthy eating for a week, then back to the diet. She lost a huge amount of weight and continued to keep it off. (She goes to WW now to keep an eye on it). She continued to loose weight during the refeed and maintenance.. That's my plan too..
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Goosegirl thats for that tip - I think I messed up here. I did very well on lipotrim and lost 1 stone in two weeks but went back to normal eating last week as I wasn't aware of what refeed was exactly and I have put on 2lbs already