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WaltKawolski Posts: 149
After discussing the Treaty at work today, we came to the conclusion that the result will be very close. I'm interested to know how Wollies are going to vote. No need to give an explanation as to how you've decided how you'll vote. Just Yes, No or Not Voting! See [url:1afob41w][/url:1afob41w] for information.
WaltKawolski Posts: 149
Not so close after all!! :o)ll
discounter Posts: 441
I haven't voted because I still haven't decided. Both sides are scare mongering and accusing the other side of scare mongering so it's difficult to decipher what is reality and what isn't. Still very confused O:|
WaltKawolski Posts: 149
:o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Elban26 Posts: 2458
I think it will be very close but that the Yes vote will win!
Ivy F Posts: 2023
I CAN'T vote, as I live abroad (in Belgium, ironically). I flew home for the last referendum to vote Yes - fat lot of good that did. I do think that it will be a Yes vote this time.
anoncb Posts: 379
Surely you're not entitled to vote if you live abroad, or are you?
JDD Posts: 1316
She might be temporarily working abroad? IvyF, do you work for the EU? Is there no such thing as postal voting here?
Ivy F Posts: 2023
No, JDD, although I live here & work in EU affairs, only Irish embassy workers or people working for the EU Institutions are allowed to vote by post. The bulk of Irish people in Brussels can't even vote for Irish MEPs (even though the Parliament is just down the road!) without flying home to do so. We can vote for Belgian MEPs, though! The majority of other European countries (& a few non-European ones) allow postal votes for all citizens with passports living abroad, but it's not in our Constitution.
anoncb Posts: 379
Yeah I know the Americans were allowed postal votes in the last Presidential elections