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Daisy Row Posts: 3650
My lovely photographer has got in touch regarding set up for the big day. I want to give her a list of specific photos I want taken but am afraid I'll forget something - enter wollies here!! So far I have *getting ready pics *pics of groom outside church with guard of honour before I arrive (a past bride suggested asking photographer to get all the inlaw photos with the groom here which can save time later???) *usual family pics (bridal party, me with my parents, me with immediate family, him with his parents etc etc *definitely want lots of pics of our DD/Flowergirl and some of the 3 of us together *pics with my best friends (non bridesmaids) *pics with grandparents *pics with the guard of honour *lots of casual pics of our guests at the pre dinner reception *some pics of the decor (having afternoon style theme pre reception and vintage birdcages in the main room) Am I missing anything vital?
Mustang Sally Posts: 394
Pic of your dress hanging up before you put it on, pic of your accessories before you put on (think these look lovely). Pic of rings. Guests arriving.... I had a HUGE list and then I decided to scrap it. I'm worried if I give the photographer such a long list, she'll be too stressed getting through the list that she will miss all the lovely spontaneous moments IYKWIM. I'm just gonna tell her to snap away, capture as much as she can and then do the obligatory family shots and couple shots. The end.
highbeam Posts: 2578
[quote="Daisy Row":1f5dvong] *pics of groom outside church with guard of honour before I arrive (a past bride suggested asking photographer to get all the inlaw photos with the groom here which can save time later???)?[/quote:1f5dvong] Will you not have to do them with you in it later anyway? There are some very obvious photos that photographers will take anyway. They have a good bit of time in the house to get all the bits and pieces, shoes, dress, jewellery and snap away. I wouldnt load my list with the more obvious pics or they are bound to miss some. My list has some of the following Getting ready pics Photo with each of the bridesmaids on our own Photos with immediate family on our own eg just my sister & me, My brother & me, my Mam and me etc Me in the car Photo of OH as I walk up the aisle B&G silhouette in church doorway B&G with families @ church B&G with grandparents @ church B&G with cousins @ hotel B&G with my friends @ hotel B&G with his friends @ hotel Details at the reception Speeches First dance And after that I am just going to let her snap away. She is going to know I want pics with parents and the bridal party group shots etc so no point giving an enormous list.
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
your photographer is going to know to do the usual getting ready/accessories/flowers/dress hanging up photos so what i would be putting on the list is any specific photos you want with certain people like grandparents, certain gang of friends, godparents or if you want certain landmarks from the area included in the background. be sure to name the people on the list so the photographer can just shout Mary, Anne, Josie now or whatever....
Ronan Palliser Photography Posts: 30
Hi Daisy Row, It's great that you're putting thought into the photos you want, but to give you the photographer's perspective I would suggest you ask her if the three of you can meet a few weeks before the big day (if she's not already planning to meet you) to go through what photos you want. A list can seem like a good idea, but it can also, depending on your photographer's style (which is usually a big factor in why someone chooses a photographer) be very restrictive. Also, any photographer worth their salt will know all the important photos to get, so only needs to know what ones are important to you that might be less obvious to her. For instance, you might want a photo of you and your favourite aunt, or you with your cousin who is almost like a sister, or the girl who introduced you to your husband-to-be etc etc. As photographer, I find that in terms of where to do what shots (highbeam mentioned some at the church, some at the hotel for instance), it tends to work best for families if you get the immediate family photos at the church, but anything else at the hotel. Bridal party photos might be an intermediate venue, or a bit at both venues. So for instance grandparents, aunts and uncles, hen night/stag night etc are best done at the hotel. That way you don't need them to hang around outside the church (possibly in the cold) while your receiving line finishes and you get the immediate family shots... if, say, your grandparents are one of the first out of the church, they might need to wait 30 minutes or more (depending on the number of guests congratulating you both) to be called for a photo. I always think it's much better to let them go off to the hotel, put their feet up, grab a glass of champagne, and be aware that they'll be included in a couple of photos there. Same goes for kids, in general, especially if it's a bit cooler. The main thing is to make sure you and your photographer understand a) what you want, and b) what she would always get anyway. But, if you ask me, what most people don't want is their photographer to be so focused on a long list that they have no chance to capture the unplanned things. In this respect, I think Mustang Sally has the right idea of thinking through a long list, but (presumably) just telling her photographer of the key shots that are important that the photographer might not expect. Hope that helps. Ronan