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im waiting Posts: 2727
I bit the bullet and started back at the exercise classes Tonight. I swear up to the second I got there I was waiting for an escape route but I forced myself in there and I felt like a million dollars after it. Okay yes my belly is still wobbly but I want to do it again so thats a good thing. My DH and I fell into the habit of having a bar of chocolate each, each night for the past month or so. So you can imagine the work I have undone to myself as I was pretty happy with myself come our Wedding in March just gone but unfortunately didnt really stick to my original exercise regime since then but the last month has been a disaster. I aim to lose a stone now which would bring me down to my ideal weight and the weight limit as if I lost anymore I'd look too skinny. So today has been the start of a new me, please god it will continue. So I'm starting off with a list of Healthy Treats Can you please recommend some to me? Thanks so much girls :thnk :wv
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
Fair play, I need to remind myself how good it feels after some exercise O:| Don't have many suggestion but I can't do without chocolate, so I always have some dark chocolate rice cakes in the cupboard or even just small bars of dark chocolate, as a small bit will kill the craving without eating a whole bar! I also go with fruit to knock the edge off.
streaks Posts: 3592
Well done getting back into it, it's not easy. Your so right about feeling great after it, I always feel fantastic after working out even though I dread doing it :-8 I usually keep a few soleros in the freezer as they are only 90cals which is really good, also meringue nests with chopped fruits and 0%fat yogurt is really satisfying as a very low cal dessert/treat :wv
im waiting Posts: 2727
Panini Rose, I'm afraid a square doesnt do it for me, it only makes me want to have more >:o) Believe it or not, we have been eating the biggest Cadbury Dairy milk Bars each for the past month :-8 But in the past week I have reduced it to the smaller one that has maybe 12 pieces of chocolate in it :-8 Today is my first day without it. DH is seriously suffering.... he has just went to the shop, he has been waiting for me to ask him to go to the shop so he can blame it all on me :o0 . He's gone to pig out!!!!! He is 6"2" so doesnt put on weight easily where as soooo petite, I put on weight by just looking at chocolate :weep Thanks Panini Rose for your suggestions :thnk :lvs Lilmrsgiggles. I have low fat yogurt in the fridge waiting to be eaten so Im going to add some fruit to it and let that be my treat in the evenings. I just got to change my way of thinking if that makes sense. Ive got to start changing to healthy treats as I love to have something in the evenings. Thanks Lilmrsgiggles :wv
mammyslittlerogue Posts: 2184
Pink n Whites are not bad thing 1 WW point and 2 SYNS with Slimming World, also Muller Light yoghurts come in all sorts of flavours, orange, vanilla, and also both come with chocolate in them or on their own, i find the vanilla great for when i want a sweet taste. If you really want chocolate a Curly Wurly isnt bad though i find they are not enough but maybe they might be for u? Even 2 stick Kit Kat, Milky Way? Good luck hun x
reine Posts: 1771
Do up a big bowl of fruit and stick it in the fridge... Will last a few days. I usually chop up strawberries, mangoes, kiwis, peaches, pineapple, grapes, blueberries and melon. Tesco do yummy salt and vinegar rice cakes - like crisps, but v healthy and much better than the likes of Snack o Jacks. Sorbet. Once again, Tesco does a nice raspberry one. MLR is right - Curly Wurlys aren't too bad. Neither are flakes. Small bowl of popcorn. Bowl of dried fruit.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Hey there, I'm doing Slimming World and am a bit of an expert on low cal/not too bad treats at this stage!! Basically, for chocolate, treat/fun-sized bars are your friend. Generally any of the small bars range from about 50-99 cals. I get the Cadbury buttons, Aeros, Curly Wurlys and mini Maltesers. Buttons are 75 cals I think, Aero bars 48, Curly Wurly about 75 and mini Maltesers are 99 cals. Get these, eat them and enjoy them. I don't bother with the WW bars or any 'fake' 'chocolate flavoured' treats, they just don't do it for me. Get the real chocolate, the real bars, just smaller portions. And have one a day, honestly, every single day have a chocolate bar. Once it's the small treat sized version you'll be ok. If you love your chocolate, as I do, and enjoy eating it, then cutting it out altogether is going to just make you break out in a few days and binge. Everything in moderation, have the small Aero for 48 calories, savour it and you won't be tempted to shove a kilo of choc down your gut!!! Skinny people eat chocolate too!! This is the SW philosophy, lots of fresh food, no food group excluded, lots of fruit and vegetables and yes, a wee chocolate hit at the end of the day! Chocolate keeps you young, I'm sure of it!!! :o0 Just watch the portion size. As an example the treatsize Maltesers is 99 cals. A Mars Bar is 260 cals. Which one are you going to choose? Also then the 15g bags of Manhattan popcorn are about 68 calories, or the Tayto Velvet Crunch crisps (GORGEOUS) are 86 cals a bag. Sugar free jelly mixed about with some strawberries and other berries and a scoop of low fat ice-cream or a few spoons of yoghurt (if you're feeling virtuous) is lovely. Mereingue is lovely too and low cal, though haven't got the details to hand. Cadbury 'Light' Mousse is low cal too, though again I haven't the details to hand, I just know its SW recommended for a proper chocolate hit! Muller Lights are lovely and come in really tasty flavours. Toffee and then orange and chocolate are my faves! All generally under 97 cals a pot, and fat free. Try freezing one for a frozen yoghurt. Yum! For a more savoury treat then, a supper maybe if you're hungry in the evening but don't want to binge on rubbish - try my patented 'ham sandwich'. Basically a couple of slices of deli-ham (or turkey, beef, pastrami, whatever you have in the fridge once it's lean, so no parma ham unfortunately) filled with cucumber, lettuce and peppers, sprinkle of salt and pepper, rolled up and eat. Ham sambo without the bread! A slice of ham is anything from 25-35 cals, cucumber, lettuce and peppers are virtually nil, 15 cals or so for the lot, but it's really crunchy and salty and filling. A lovely supper. If you're particularly hungry add a Ryvita for 30 cals, or a Crackerbread for 19 cals. You could have three slices of ham, lots of crunchy veggies and even a bit of beetroot or a pickle for what 100-120 cals? Really light tasty supper and very good for you too. Again for savoury, a small tin of tuna (in brine) is low in cals, mixed with a teaspoon of low fat mayo and some peppers and other veggies, spread on a Ryvita? Nice tasty supper, low in cals, but full of nutrition. Hope this helps! I think I'm going to have one of my 'ham sambos' tonight!!
streaks Posts: 3592
Smileykaz your a mine of information for healthy treats! Some stuff I wouldn't never have thought of in there.. A ham sandwich with no bread?! Genius :o)ll will deco be using that one O-O do you attend classes weekly or are you doing it online?
im waiting Posts: 2727
Gosh girls, Thank You so much for all the brilliant suggestions. Let this be my Bible!!!!!!! >:o) I just had a pack of Maltesers. But I think Im going to try to pre-prepare a bowl of fruit as I know I will be happy with it. I have discovered that I do have a bit of a chocolate addiction but I managed to wean myself off it for about 4 months before and after the Wedding I just have to get back there again and just have one treat day a week as Im trying to help my DH back to the good side again. He is so bad for eating crap of late. As his wife, I have to save him, and take him back to the good side. He is one stubborn F*cker but I'm no quitter. I will succeed :compress
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
[quote="lilmrsgiggles":2cn02joy]Smileykaz your a mine of information for healthy treats! Some stuff I wouldn't never have thought of in there.. A ham sandwich with no bread?! Genius :o)ll will deco be using that one O-O do you attend classes weekly or are you doing it online?[/quote:2cn02joy] Lilmrsgiggles - I know, a ham sambo with no bread, it IS genius! Unfortunately I can't really claim credit, cos I got the general idea for it off Slimming World and then dickied about with it. It's still good though!!! Deffo try it, it's fab! I do it online as there are no classes near me and I don't drive so going to one a bit further out would be difficult. So far I'm finding it good. I lost 14.5lb in six weeks (or was it five weeks, I can't remember now!) I've been on holidays for two weeks though and have put on 2lb (booo!) but back on SW now and hopefully will shift them. Hoping to lose another stone between now and October 10. I have a doctor's appt on October 10 and would like to have two stone gone by then, so the doc can see how I'm doing and maybe reduce meds I'm on.