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Louthdudes Posts: 67
Hi ladies, Woking out potential list of photos to take - anyone seen a useful list? Thank you!
mrsshorty Posts: 67
Here you go... At the start of the day – bridal preparations • Bride and bridesmaids dresses and shoes shots – details and whole • Putting on makeup • Getting hair done • Getting dressed – buttoned, laced, putting shoes on • Details of jewellery, hair, veil, bouquet • Bride with bridesmaids • Bride with mum • Dad’s first look at bride • Bridal portraits – face, dress, window, waiting, smiling, smelling flowers • Bridal party leaving the house, getting into car • Bride with dad in the car • Bridal party arriving at the ceremony venue If there is a second photographer – the groom’s preparations • Getting dressed • Details of cufflinks, cravat/boutonniere/funny socks? • Wedding rings • Groom with groomsmen • Groom with father/mother • Groom with best man • Optional portraits At the ceremony venue • Groom with groomsmen, outside/inside • Guests arriving, waiting • Groom waiting at top of the aisle • Bride at bottom of aisle with father • Bridesmaids walking • Bride walking with father towards the groom • Bride and groom first look • Bride and groom looking at each other during ceremony • Both sets of parents watching the ceremony • Guests watching the ceremony • Taking the vows • Ring exchange • First kiss • Walk down the aisle • Signing of the register + official portraits with witnesses • Confetti shower – this can also happen on arrival at the reception venue • Mingling with guests and congratulations • Traditional photos with family and guests – these include bride and groom with both sets of families, bridal party, groomsmen, other family members, and often a shot of the couple with all the guests together, space permitting – this can also be done at the reception venue • Depending on the agreement between the newlyweds and the photographer, the couple photos may now be taken – these are the photos of the bride and groom alone in various locations. The photographer will very likely know the best places, so he/she may suggest taking these photos in the vicinity of the ceremony venue, or at the reception venue, or even both. At the reception venue • Reception – if possible, the empty reception room in all its glory, details of table plan, tables, décor, favours, centrepieces, cake, anything DIY (the couple should tell the photographer if there are some particular things they’d like to have photographed) • Guests arriving at the reception venue • Couple arriving at the reception venue • Receiving line – this is also optional at the end of the ceremony • Couple and guests mingling, sitting down for speeches • Father of the bride speech • The groom’s speech • The bride’s speech – there is no rule for the bride’s speech or when it could be given, it’s the bride’s own choice • The best man’s speech • Guests listening/laughing – some photographers will take shots of each table separately, so the couple will have at least one picture of each attending guest • Cake cutting – the cutting of the cake may happen at various times at the reception • Food being served – with pictures of food if the couple wish • Bride throwing bouquet/garter – optional • First dance • Bride’s dance with father • Groom’s dance with mother • Guests dancing • Band/DJ • Any evening festivities – i.e. fireworks
denlo Posts: 124
That's a pretty comprehensive list - never realised we worked so hard! If there's one thing I'd add it's the overall group shot. We'd always try get it done in the church just after the ceremony (assuming it's in a church). It's the one place where everyone is still together because once they leave the guests tend to disperse. If there's a gallery, one of us will already be up there during the ceremony and the other will have quietly asked the priest to mention the group shot at the end. He'll simply ask the guests to turn around and look up at the photographer. Group shot done with everybody in it. If there's no gallery I'll either get up on the pulpit or use my stepladder on the altar for extra height.
Lucky-In-Love Posts: 133
Wow mrsshorty that is a great list - I am going to have to steal that for myself too! :)
Louthdudes Posts: 67
Wow - what an amazing list! Thank you so much!
TaraDonoghuePhotography Posts: 133
Hi ladies, It's a great idea to be as organised as possible but I would also be aware that you don't want to encroach on your photographer's style, creativity and freedom to capture your day as best as possible. Instead of a list such as above, we always ask for a list of guests (that wouldn't be in the formal family shots) that you would like photographs with. If someone has travelled half way around the world to be at your side then you want to make sure that you have a photograph of them! :) Any PROFESSIONAL photographer will know that they need to take shots of all the details that go into your day such as the flowers, dress, shoes, cake etc and shouldn't need reminding. If they do it may reflect on their experience and amount of weddings they have photographed. They should be able to tell you the run of the day from start to finish and approximately how long each section will take. We see it weekly often shooting two and three weddings a week, your photographer will be more like your on the day co ordinator so don't worry about lists for them. They will know the run of the day inside and out and will guide you accordingly :) If you need help organising a timeline for your day please give me a shout i'd be happy to help. Tara x