List of photos that kids have to take!!

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missmoon99 Posts: 9
hi all, I need some help!! I saw a great idea to keep kids entertained at the wedding. Basically give each of them a disposable camera and a list of funny pictures that they have to take throughout the night. The problem is I am not in anyway whatsoever creative!! Does anyone have a list like this already that I could possibly use?? Any help would be great... I'm getting married on Friday and now panicking!!! O:|
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We're doing this with all our's what we have... I Spy 'use your camera and look around, hunt for these pictures to be found, shoot away and complete the list, get those moments that shouldn’t be missed!' - bride and groom holding hands - groom with his men - bride with her girls - some beautiful flowers - the bouquet toss - clinking glasses - a group shot of the table - the flowergirl - the brides shoes - a kissing couple - crazy dance moves - groom watching bride from a far - a shot of the rings - some happy tears - laughs all round - groom playing with his ring - the first dance - the yummy cake - the delicious food - the groom and his new in laws - the bride and her new inlaws - the groom with her sisters - the groom with her new sisters - cutest couple (not the bride and groom) - bride and her mother - bride and groom kissing - your favourite decoration - bride watching groom from a distance - a hug We've done a different list for each table, with just group shot of the table and favourite decoration as the only repeated shot to get.... We've then given our joint email address for people to email us.... For kids you could do more things like - a white dress - shiny shoes - a big hug - a smile - yummy cake - dancing feet - a picture of you etc
weddingwaters Posts: 6
this is another great idea. Hopefully keep them out of trouble too!