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cpfbride Posts: 215
Hey ladies I remember seeing a post a little whe ago from a Wollie who had a complete list of everything that needed to be done for the wedding especially all the bits and bobs near the end? Does anyone have this and could anyone be so kind and send this to me? Thanks a mil
BernieandMark Posts: 105
Would love to see this as well. Keep thinking there is something I am forgetting Thanks
Pineapple11 Posts: 195
have you looked at the weddingsonline checklist?
AMcD2b Posts: 54
Here's one I saved from a wolly ages ago. Hope it helps and does not scare people. Church & Ceremony Book church – date, time, priest Book Pre-Marriage course Attend pre-marriage course - Book ceremony musicians & singers Complete forms and send to Registrar at least 3 months prior to wedding date Request Baptismal & Confirmation certificates from Parish Office Meet with priest to discuss readings, music & ceremony details & complete marriage papers Create Mass booklet Choose readings and prayers and select people to read at ceremony Decide on music to be performed during ceremony & update Mass booklet Provide draft mass booklet to priest to review prior to printing Organise to have mass booklets printed Provide copy of music and mass booklet to musicians few weeks in advance Provide printout of readings/prayers to readers at least 1 day in advance Organise Altar Servers Organise Eucharistic Ministers if necessary Arrange church donation Arrange altar servers donation Hotel Book reception venue Meet with hotel wedding manager to discuss details – Choices for meal, Wine, pre and evening reception etc Organize seating arrangements for guests - Prepare Table Plan Confirm names for each of the pre-booked hotel rooms Decide on flowers for tables Discuss option of pre-reception musician Discuss time to sit for dinner and contingency for delays Arrange date / time to deliver wedding cake & organize display, knife etc Confirm Bar Extension and Resident's Bar facility Decide on dinner menu, vegetarian options, type of wine etc Confirm final guest numbers for reception & submit table seating plan to wedding manager - 2-3 days in advance Band Review recommendations for bands View band playing at wedding Select band & pay deposit to secure booking Contact band 2 weeks beforehand to re-confirm Date / Time to play at wedding Determine when balance due to be paid Wedding Cake Decide on style and size of wedding cake Decide on icing colour - Ivory fondant icing Decide on decoration for top of cake Purchase 3M x 15mm ivory ribbon to trim Purchase cake boxes for guests not attending wedding & post cake Organize delivery of wedding cake to hotel day beforehand Florist Book Florist Meet with florist to discuss ideas, provide sample of bridesmaid colours, and brides dress style Decide on colour & style of bride's bouquet Decide on colour & style of bridesmaid's bouquets Decide on flowergirl style - basket or pommadour Decide on style of church arrangements - 3 arangements on altar, candle arangement, pew ends, bay trees etc Decide on Corsage & Boutonnieres Bouquets for mother, mother-in-law & Nana Meet florist in church few weeks beforehand to discuss floral arrangement & positioning Invitations & Stationery Select style and colour of stationery Decide on Wording for Invitations, Thank You & Reply Cards & order stationery Prepare Accommodation list to include with invitations Prepare directions to church and hotel to include with invitations Buy Stamps & Silver gel ink pens Collect addressesin advance for all guests Write Day invitations and post 6-8 weeks in advance Write Evening Invitations and post 3-4 weeks in advance Receive Reply cards and confirm final guest numbers Bride's Apparel Decide on Bridal Gown and pay deposit Bridal shoes Accessories - Handbag Bridal tiara / hairpiece Bridal gown alterations Bridal gown - final fitting and collection Bridesmaid & Flowergirl Apparel Bridesmaid dresses Bridesmaid shoes Accessories - Jewelry Flowergirl dress Flowergirl shoes Bridesmaid dress alterations Collect Bridesmaids dresses and pay for alterations Groom & Groomsmen Apparel Groom's ensemble - decide on colour and style Groomsmen suit hire - decide on colour and style Lads to go for fitting Collect Lads suits & ensure everyone tries on full outfit on 2 nights before wedding Jewellery Bride's wedding ring Groom's wedding ring Bride's necklace Coins for ceremony Beauty Bride's facials Bride's hair cut & colour Bride's Make-up - Pre-consultation Bride's Hair - Pre-consultation Bride's Manicure & Eyebrow shaping Bride's Body Exfoliation & Body Wrap Bride's Fake Tan Bride's Hair - Wedding day Bride's Make-up - Wedding day Bride's Nail Polish - Wedding Day Bridesmaid's Nail Polish - Wedding Day Bridesmaid's Make-up: Wedding day Bridesmaid's Hair style: Wedding day Miscellaneous Organise Cars for Bride & Bridesmaids Ribbons to decorate cars – 35mm width, 6 metres per car – Bridal White Gifts for all attendants Have engagement ring cleaned week of wedding Organise lifts for non-driving guests Attend Hen party Attend Stag party Dentist check-ups and cleaning Organize / Pack clothes for Fri/Sat night in hotel Organize / Pack for honeymoon Honeymoon Prepare itinerary Book Flights Book Hotels Book Car Hire Organise Travel Insurance Check passport & driving license validity Organize folder for honeymoon of Itinerary, flight tickets, hotel conf #s, maps, guide books, driving instructions, drivers licence etc Wedding Day & Post-Wedding Day tasks Pay Altar Servers, church caretaker & Church Donation Ensure all guests have transportation from church to hotel Deliver Bride & Groom luggage to bridal suite Review table seating arrangements outside function room and ensure they are correct Ensure table flower arrangements are correct Pay Band Return suits to suit hire shop Purchase & Write Thank-You cards and post
cpfbride Posts: 215
Thank you so so much. Exactly what I need. Ur a star x
AMcD2b Posts: 54
No problem, better start ticking my own off :eek
beezingful Posts: 71
Thanks was looking for something like this now just need to print it off get a pen and tick off what done so I can see what else has to be done :compress
Lorna Doone Posts: 737
Wow! I must admit I admire you ladies, organising your Big Day! When I suggested eloping to my fella, I was mighty relieved that he went for it. Won't even say I'm engaged, so nobody will know 'til it's done! Weddings are a bit like project management & lots of hard word - but so satisfying when it all comes together, I'd say. Most of my girlfriends are hitched & being a creative type, I've helped some of them with DIY. But, I'd be terrible at the brass tacks - negotiating, planning, politics etc... I just got invited to another wedding & since becoming a Wollie, I can appreciate how much effort goes into the Big Day!
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Thanks AMcD2b, I have just printed out that detailed list & will get ticking it this evening...over a glass of wine, so I don't panic too much at all the items left unticked :eek
Giggly-Katie Posts: 25
Wow AMcD2b, I stumbled across this forum & hope you don't mind if I use your list. It has EVERYTHING! :)