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Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
Sorry guys but does anyone have the link to the post a while ago where people posted their lists of what they needed for babs and for hospital? I cant seem to find it and need to get my ass in gear and get things organised.
totalnovice Posts: 787
i made a list from the combined posts, here's what i came up with: Baby Essentials: Item Travel System Easy fix base Car Seat Car Rear View Mirror Baby Monitor Play pen Ear Thermometer Room thermometer Crib Crib - Matress & bedding Cot Cot - Matress & bedding Nursing Chair Play mat Bouncer sling Feeding pillow Cellular Blankets Sheets Gro Bags (from 7lb) Muslin Squares Breast Pump Steriliser Bottles Formula High chair Baby Gros Cardigans Body Suits/Vests Pants T-Shirt Socks Mitts Hats Bibs Pram suit Sleep suit Scratch Mittens Changing Table Changing Mat Travel changing mat Changing Bag Nappies Nappy sacs Nappy Wrapper Disposable mats Cotton Wool Baby Wipes (Nivea) Baby Towels Baby Bath Wash Baby Tub Baby Shampoo Bath Sponge Bath Thermometer Baby Nail Clippers Baby Brush Infacol Gripe Water (NI only) Dummy Calpol Bonjella Saline Nose Drops Baby Vaporub Thermometer Bulb Syringe Sudocreme Hospital List Labour Bag (carry with you into hospital) 3 Nightgowns/PJ Front Opening Dark Hair Brush Toothpaste & Toothbrush, Shampoo & Conditioner Shower Gel & Shower Cap Deodorant and Facial wipes, Moisturiser Glucose Sweets, water, fruit, energy bars Magazines, book, & Music (CD player) Nursing Bras, Maternity Pads & panties Notebook & Pen Flip Flops Dressing Gown & Slippers Hair wrap towel Towel (dark colour) Fan Purse with change for vending machines, Mobile phone and charger. Clothes for baby (Vest, Sleepsuit, Scratch Mits, Hat & Cardi) mirror Warm socks Make Up Shauns List Change of top & deodrant Change for parking meter, vending machines, camera mobile phone charger Baby Bag (pack and leave in car until needed) Babygros/Sleepsuits (9) Vests (9) Cardigan Scratch mitts Socks Hat Sleepbag Blanket Muslin squares Cotton Wool packs (not hosp rolls) Dark coloured towels very soft Vaseline Nappies Going home outfit for baby Snowsuit 1st night onwards bag (pack and leave in car until needed) Knickers Maternity sanitary pads Sanitary bags Breast pads (Johnson and Johnson) Nursing bras Front opening nightie or PJs for breast feeding Tissues cream for sore nipples tea tree oil or witch hazel DARK towels - hand & Body Going home clothes Baby Blanket Hope that helps!
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
Thanks a million for that! I'm going to copy into Excel now so I dont lose it again :o0
totalnovice Posts: 787
i'm the same i have it in excel and have notes besides each item for what type i am getting etc.
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Thanks for that I have saved it too for later (feels too early to even think about getting stuff)
Marpat Posts: 1784
Keep forgetting to post this - part of my experience of labour and might be a useful tip to others. My feet swelled up and couldn't fit into any shoes when I was going home. Maybe have some sort of flip flops and quite open shoes ready for your trip in case it happens to you. I asked the midwife in the hospital and she said it was from the labour!!!!! my legs looked like tree trunks