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MrsTwit Posts: 842
Hi there :wv Where to start!?! I've been engaged for just over a year and my H2B and I are due to be married this coming July. Since discovering WOL earlier this year I have found it a huge source of information, ideas, advice and also amusement at times! Thing is ladies I'm in a bit if a rut and need a boost to get out of it..... very sadly my Dad passed away earlier this December after a hard fought battle with cancer. Over the last two years he went through alot of treatment without ever a grumble and was always so postitive that he was going to get better and that's what we all firmly believed. We got the shocking news in November that there was nothing more that the doctors could do for him as his body just could not take anymore treatment. We were told at that stage that he could have a number of months left to live, even then never did we think that we woud slip away so soon and never did I really think he wouldn't be around to give me away. My H2B and I talked of bringing the wedding forward but in the end we just didn't have the time, Dad got too sick too fast. We also thought about postponing the wedding until maybe the following year but after Dad passed away my future MIL told my H2B and I that my Dad had confided in her before he died that he wanted our wedding to go ahead as planned and that he was leaving it in the hands of my future MIL to 'keep the show in the road' as he put it himself!! I know that he also put a few words together for the day and gave them to my FMIL. My H2B has been a fantastic support to me and also to my family throughout this time and I know that I couldn't have gotten through it without him. So we've decided to go ahead this July and I think I'm happy with this decision.... thing is, since the summer with Dad not being too well and the uncertainty of it all I just haven't been in the frame of mind for any wedding stuff, so I have hardly NOTHING done! So far this is what we have booked: Church Priest Venue Band Cake lady (booked but cake not yet chosen) My dress ordered Make-up artist And sin é.... that's it!! So............. I have little over 6 months to book and sort everything else. I guess what I'm looking for is advice on the things I need to get sorted straight away, because I have so many things flying around in my head that I need to do and I just need to prioritise things and then maybe it won't seem so bad - BM dresses, colours, invitations, guest list, flowers, ceremony, shoes, hair-dresser (hair-style), veil / no veil, rings, honeymoon, pre-marraige course etc etc etc, and as for the legal side of things, I haven't a clue! I feel better now even after just writing this all down. I know it'll be ok, I just want to do things right for my H2B and for my Dad. Anyway... that's me.... thanks to you Wollies who take the time to read x x
MrsTwit Posts: 842
Ooopsy didn't realise it was such a long post... sorry!
GirlFriday Posts: 1815
Ah Sunflower that's very sad, so sorry to hear about your dad :action32 :action32 :action32 It does sound as though he really wanted you to see out your plans for July and you've loads of time yet!! *) I would start with a photographer and videographer (if you're having these) *) Then think about invitations *) Then pick and order bridesmaid dresses I can suggest someone for invitations if you like, she'll also do mass booklets etc. I have a monica spreadsheet with all the photographers I priced that I can send on if it would be useful? I'd suggest for BM dresses:, and dresslicious (google them, they're on ebay) Other things that only take a minute to book are: *) PM course - we did ours with avalon, if you book through then you get 20 euro off *) Call the registrar's office and make an appointment, you have to have the appointment at least 3 months before the wedding, they'll tell you everything you need to bring with you. If you're going to the one in Dublin I can send you their number Hope that helps :wv
mrsdribbles Posts: 431
Sun flower so sorry to hear about your dad :action32 :action32 :action32 I agree with Girl Friday if you havent started ont he photographer/ videographer But actually you are ok on the whole front! What I think you need is a wedding weekend or a wedding day with H2B. We do this every now and again, knock off the fones, sit down and make a list of things and make a time line for them and assign someone to do it! *) BM dresses- you can have a look around online (dessy bridals quite good and cheaper than most shops to order online!) OR you can get your CBM to have a look for you if you really trust her enough! *) Photographer- assign one of you to do it! what ever area of this beautiful isle you are in you will get some feedback on here for them!!! Otherwise Magda Lukas (i booked her) and i must say she is amazing! and very decently priced *) Church music/ reception music if you are having them! *) Invitations if you are doing DIY there are loads of threads here! and there are oads of ideas on wording etc on here too . Speaking of printing the mass booklets (which are way down the list if your having a church wedding!) there are loads of templates here also!! *) Make up and Hair- you have the make up sorted! Now get some of the girls onto the case to suss out hairdressers in the area!!! Your friends will be more than happy to help!! :o0 Hope thats a start for you!!! O:o)
shazza k Posts: 525
your nearly sorted girl just a few more bits and youll be sorted dont stress just keep ticking things off your list and you'll be there before you know it. hairdresser, bridesmaid dresses, and photographer would be next on my list. dresses are pretty easy - how many bridesmaids you havin i picked mine up in debenhams and got all the girls to try them on and just bought of the rail it was deaqd handy! also think about church musicie whether you want someone singing, quartet or organise your own music on cd. id take a trip to dublin and see what you can get in the shops ie vail, shoes accesories, invites and then whatever you have no luck getting start looking on line. lantz and daintree do lovely stationary and have stores in dubin. all the best with your plans im not gonna wish you luck as you dont need it once you start youl be surprised how everything falls into place!! get your bridesmaides to help out too :compress :compress
MrsTwit Posts: 842
Thanks very much for the replies and the advice girls! Miss Dribbles i love the idea of a day or weekend dedicated to wedding stuff with h2b. I went away for New Years and really enjoyed myself and feel like I'm starting the new year fresh and ready to go again! Thanks again :thnk :wv x x
realta Posts: 820
Hi Sunflower, sorry to hear about your dad :action32 I'm a july 2011 bride too so if you need any help at all let me know! I agree with the other girls on the top priority things to get sorted- like photography and bm dresses and registering intent to marry with the state. also meet with your priest in the next 6 weeks to see about getting baptism and confirmation certificates, letters of freedom and doing your prenuptual enquiry- if you're getting married in a church best of luck with it all O-O :lvs
luckyladee Posts: 2550
Ah sunflower - you've had a lousy time of it eh? Really sorry to hear about your Dad. O:o) I must say though, it seems like he's gone to quite a bit of effort to make sure you know that he wants the wedding to go ahead and to be the best day of your life, as planned. The girls are right. Register your intent - first and foremost. Need to get this done soon. Other things can wait but you cant get married without this. Call them on 01 8638200 to make an appointment. Pre-marriage course is easy. Like somebody above, we did ours with Avalon just recently and organising it is easy - just go on their website and book it. Get your letters of freedom / baptism / confirmation certs from your parishes. After that much - you can now get married - everything else is incidental....... Remember you still have 6 months - that's quite a long time. You'll be absolutely fine - so don't panic even a bit. Just make yourself a list and start ticking things off it. HTH
Sprocket Posts: 1671
Sunflower, so sorry to hear about your Dad. Obviously seeing your priest and register to intent are very important. So that you don't feel too stressed, maybe you could delegate some of the other task to BMs. Give them a budget and your preferences and ask them to do the research and come back to you with two or three choices so you don't have to tackle it all? xx
buddylove Posts: 3288
Hi sunflower. Im so sorry about your dad. I think its so amazing that he had penned together a few words for the day as it puts to rest any worries you had about going ahead with the day. My dad died when I was younger and I would give anything to hear what he would say to me on my wedding day so its brilliant you will have that. On the organisation front defo sort the photographer and videographer first and if you dont have the appointment to register the marriage make that now also as there can be a waiting list. Then look into the hair and make up. If you want a mobile hairdresser / make up artist they can be booked up far in advance too. I have booked glamour by dawn and she is in kilkenny I think but I know there was a thread recently about mobile make up artists in leinster and there was loads on that. You could also post on the suppliers thread for what you need and let them come back to you with quotes and prices that way... Will cut out alot of time ringing around.... But just to put your mind at ease, you have the bulk of the stuff done and it will all come together. I think the one thing you can be so happy about is the strength your FH is showing you he has and the comfort that he will be there for you for better for worse come what may. Keep the chin up and I hope everything comes together easily for you.