Little Miracle Maternity Shop Greystones

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holidaygal Posts: 83
Anyone know what happened to this shop?? It seems to have disappeared overnight! It was open on Saturday when I passed and totally cleared out, signs and everything gone on Sunday. I am really disappointed as I had bought a lot of stuff there, really liked it and my DH had bought me a voucher for Valentines. They obviously knew then they were closing but never said a word and sold him a voucher with an expiry of Feb 2010! I was saving it for a bit further on but I'm left with it now, a total waste of money O:|
maisedon Posts: 1394
They had a huge closing down sale - I heard the closure was quite sudden though, something to do with the bank not giving them any money so they had no choice but to close unexpectedly. Apparently the staff didn't know until a couple of days before!! They had fab stuff though, shame they are gone..... :o(