LIVELY BANDS with fiddle/banjo that do sets and everything

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MeganMCD Posts: 7
Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a lively band that has a banjo/fiddle or both but at least 1. I want a lively interactive band that will have the guests dancing all night doing dance sets, jives, waltz's, games ie: the paul jones and modern music aswell. No harm with abit of "hit the diff" either. I have no set date but I would love august 2017 but I am also open to late July and early September 2017. I have looked into the mad ass mules, truly diverse who are both unavailable and I am waiting to hear back from the nooks. So if anyone knows any bands similar to these then please... I would love and greatly appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you and congrats to all the brides and grooms newly married and soon to be..... xxx
SharonX Posts: 17
Tradstone are absolutely brilliant..they have a fiddle/tin whistle player :-)
E.Rose Posts: 188
Don't Do Hugs are very lively and have a fiddle. Check out their Facebook page for videos
MeganMCD Posts: 7
Thank you so much everyone for your help. I ended up booking The Big Jigs as they kept popping up every time I looked up my requirements and they seem to have everything I'm looking for. Now I won't lie they were my fourth band I called and the 3 before were FULLY booked so if you are thinking about planning a wedding start now because I wish I started earlier. Oh and if anyone has had The big Jigs or seen them I'd love to hear your feedback????? Happy weddings to all xxx
Limelight Wedding Films Posts: 113
Hi Megan Only saw the Big Jigs on Saturday at a wedding in Lusty Beg, they were amazing, say hi to them for us. xx Maria Limelight Wedding Films