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princesso Posts: 76
Anyone know where I could get my hands on a couple? It's the other halfs birthday and I would love to get him something like this. Failing the tickets, any suggestions would be grateful! O-O
jenny07 Posts: 345
You can join their fan club and then try to buy them on their site when they become available. I found though that they sold out really quickly but also worth trying to site of their opposing team who would also have them
scotswedding Posts: 2829
The last ones I got were from Marathon sports travel as you can buy just the tickets from them. Still a rip off of course but I hate the package ones with other travel agents where you have to take the ferry and/or have to stay in a particular hotel. There's a match day hospitality package with them where you get drinks and food and there's a guest speaker such as John Aldridge but apparently it was sh*t.
princesso Posts: 76
Thanks guys. My fella has been a bit down lately, so would love love love to do this for him! Thanks for the info!
MeSB Posts: 3785
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
AFAIK the stadium tours are not done on match days so you would have to be there the day before or after, it's well worth it though if your flights work out etc, that you can fit it in.
mad woman Posts: 22106
Get on the phone the minute they go on sale, you might get through. Also try the website, get a fan card. I'd def try these routes before going to any of the "agents" as they normally rip you off like there is no tomorrow and the seat normally ain't that good. If you can the main stand at anfield def go for it.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I think you need a fan card in advance, before you order off the LFC website/credit card line? They normally only go on sale around 3 weeks before the game so that means the Blackburn game ones might be on sale next week and you wouldn't get your fan card in time. That leaves Arsenal which is very difficult to get tickets for unless you are a season ticket holder. After that, you have Newcastle and Tottenham is the last game of the season which is always popular. You really need to get on the website and do your homework with the dates. I know going through an agency costs more but it might be a bit less hassle than the above, if you aren't going to be getting tickets regularly. If you are going to try the credit card line, you need to be sat at the phone and at the computer for on-line sales as early as poss on the day of sale (might not be pratical if your boss is sat across from you). You could always try the away games, I think there is Hull and West Ham coming up.