Lots of couples living in Australia, but coming home to get married ask their mothers, sisters and friends to find a photographer for them as they can't make it home to do so themselves. This means that for many they won't meet their photographer until the wedding day and this is just not ideal. I will be in Australia from mid [b:c04hlif5]March 2016[/b:c04hlif5] for about 3 weeks and will be based in both [b:c04hlif5]Perth[/b:c04hlif5] and [b:c04hlif5]Sydney[/b:c04hlif5]. If you would like to meet with me I will be setting aside [b:c04hlif5]one full morning[/b:c04hlif5] in both [b:c04hlif5]Perth & Sydney[/b:c04hlif5] to meet couples getting married back in Ireland who would prefer to book a photographer they have met and feel comfortable with. Given the limited time I will have available these meetings must be pre-booked, so if you would like to chat with me about your wedding day photograohy please email me at [email protected] to check your wedding date and schedule an appointment. Dates are as follows: [b:c04hlif5] Perth - Wednesday 16th March from 9.30am - 1.00pm - Venue TBC Sydney - Thursday 24th March from 9.30am - 1.00pm - Venue TBC [/b:c04hlif5]