Livingsocial deal goes sour

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Twinkle toe Posts: 1025
Was going to go for this deal myself although I think the same deal was offered through Groupon at the time. With the MAC brushes included it seemed like a really good deal at the time - good job I didn't bother. ... 88836.html
excitedlady Posts: 431
I've never bought any of those "deals". I just think they always seem too good to be true... Now that has definitely put me off ever buying anything from them!
hayden Posts: 136
I have been caught out by these "deals" before. Yoga classes. Was raging and then it was absolutely impossible to get refund. Never again.
Twinkle toe Posts: 1025
Yeah they can be a bit hit & miss. HIT: I got two canvas pics from Hello Canvas via Groupon for our wedding. Now I'd let the voucher expire by mistake & they still honoured it & got the order out in time & I was very happy with that one. OH got weekend away for us in Glenlow abbey in Galway which was lovely too. MISS: I was supposed to get a personal beauty lesson (in run up to wedding) but VERRRYYYY hard to book. When I eventually booked it I drove to the salon (40mins away - silly me should have checked the location) only to be told that the therapist had gone home sick & that they'd been trying to get thru to me despite no missed calls or messages on my phone >:o( . Gave benefit of doubt & went again only to be told same thing the second time O:| . I cut my losses & complained to Groupon who refunded my money for me.
workingmom Posts: 3429
TBH, I think a lot of these deals are crazy, companies are selling below cost, and that can't be sustained, I'd not part with my money, I'd rather pay full price and get whatever I want, than buy a voucher, these days, with companies going bust every day, there's no guarantee that you'll get what you paid for.
Daff Posts: 11644
i'm addicted to these deals, buy a lot and never had a problem. I pay with credit card so if there's every an issue I'll go be able to deal with cc company as an extra security. Just got 2 courses a la carte and 2 glasses of prosecco for Toscanna's for 40 euro - I love that resturant and can't wait :o)ll
belcra Posts: 1097
I think if you do buy one of these deals the safest bet is to use it quickly. I read an article that a lot of companies go with these deals to get some cash in - then they are providing the service or whatever the deal is and chances are they have already used the money to pay some debt and now have no more coming while giving the beauty treatments or whatever deal you have signed up for so the cash flow problem continues. I bought a deal for laser hair removal after reading this article and within a few weeks the clinic had closed down and all I'd had was the patch test. I eventually got the money back from groupon but it took months.
rubymoon Posts: 756
I bought a deal for a photo book and it was great value and postage and packaging free so I'd a good result but its the only deal I have bought so far. After reading this thread I will be very careful though.
frankenbride Posts: 419
I actually used for my wedding flowers and loved them and well worth the money - think the same package is up at the mo. A friend of mine used it for loads of dinners and hairdressers appointments and never complained. I think when it comes to hotels the best bet is to ring them first see if they have your dates available mentioning coupon as I know a few that were stung with hotels.
Twinkle toe Posts: 1025
[quote="rubymoon ":1ux1hdm5]I bought a deal for a photo book and it was great value and postage and packaging free so I'd a good result but its the only deal I have bought so far. After reading this thread I will be very careful though.[/quote:1ux1hdm5] I forgot that I got one of these for my bridesmaid too before the big day & it was fantastic. As another said hotels maybe somewhat dodgier but then we had a great time in Glenlow in Galway although OH did have a bit of bother booking it originally. I think there is another thread in relation to a city deal involving a holiday to Lake Garda - would be tempted but really not sure how it would all work out & what the hidden extras would be....