LLETZ and cervix measurement

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shotgunannie Posts: 103
Hi all, Had my 16 week app today and all good. I forgot to ask the consultant about measuring my cervix. Now I'm probably being completely paranoid and a worry-wort but I'm wondering if my LLETZ in 2007 could have effected my cervix length. I had some spotting from about week 9-14 and went to casualty at 14 weeks for tiny bleed. The attending doc thought the spotting could be related to the LLETZ and thankfully all ok since. I mentioned the LLETZ to the midwives and casualty doc ans asked if this would effect my cervix length but they said unlikely after just one LLETZ. Has anyone had any issues after one LLETZ and at what stage did it come up? Were you told at time of LLETZ or did during maternity care?
bluebell Posts: 44
I had a lletz at 7 weeks pregnant. Was a disaster, I was so worried. But had a rare high grade change and had no choice. Anyway he took a good chunk off and said he would prob need to put a stitch in at 14-16 weeks. I had to have vaginal scans every 2 weeks until I was 22 weeks. Cause the uterus lifts up out of the pelvis at that stage. The consultant was happy not to put a stitch in, once the cervix length remained above 2 cm with no funnelling. Mine stayed close to 3 cm. I'm 39 weeks now. Waiting to pop. Didn't think I'd get this far. Best of luck, sorry don't know if that makes sense
Sally76 Posts: 525
I also had one Lletz treatment and was really paranoid about how much of the cervix was removed. My consultant told me that one Lletz really wouldn't affect my pregnancy. Still, I asked him if I could get my cervix measured at my 20-week scan. He said that was no problem. So, after I had my big scan at 20 weeks, they simply did a quick internal scan and took a measurement (it was over 4cm, thank God). It really put my mind at rest and it might be worth asking your own doc if you could get the same thing done at your big scan.
shotgunannie Posts: 103
Thanks girls, that's helped ease my worries! I'm going to ask for it to be measured at my 20 week. I rang the consultant who performed the LLETZ today so they will check my file and the notes and let me know if it's something I need to concern myself with before the 20week mark. Will feel better once I hear back from the doc tomo :) hopefully all ok :)
Funwedding Posts: 190
Hiya I had two Lletz and therefore was put in an early delivery clinic where they measured it every two weeks. You only qualify after two and you are only in an 'at risk' category. Thankfully at week 30 I have been discharged from the clinic and everything was fine my cervix was perfect.