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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
Vogue's post started me thinking about this - where will you're cot/moses basket/crib etc be in your room? we're using the cot from the start and the only space we have for it is the foot of our bed or else under the window (which obviously we won't be doing). i presume its ok to have it at the foot of the bed with about a foot between the side of the cot and the end of the bed?
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Heya -Baby-, we were only discussing this at the weekend as DH made up cot in baby's room. We have space at either side(if we move our bed across the room) or end of bed. Both of us think end of bed is better option as either of us can respond to baby during the night. I think whatever works for you is best. :wv
Vogue Posts: 426
That's where we're putting ours. I'm hoping to BF so it will be handy to have the cot in the same room.