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Gilla Posts: 70
Is anybody else having trouble logging on! It wouldn't accept my password at all yesterday and I had to get onto WOL about it...... This was the 2nd time this happened to me, I had to re-register the last time O:|
kenko Posts: 1430
Since yesterday anytime i went to post a reply i had to reg all over again where i was asked for my name and password, when i do this i can post then after a while i will reply again and have to reg again O:| O:| O:| This site is slipping badly, its not as busy as it once was either. :wv
jadem Posts: 1787
Its so annoying.Every time i try to reply to a message it takes 10 mins,then i have to log out and back in >:o( ADMIN. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG AND IS IT NOT BEEN FIXED >:o(