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Pookies Posts: 152
Hi Girls, Just wondering.....has anyone done a long haul flight going when they are 27 weeks and returning at 29 weeks? Do I need to go prepared with anything special? I know I will need those attractive flight socks, but apart from that, any recommendations? :wv
Martiespride Posts: 997
just keep yourself well hydrated and walk around a bit. maybe find out whats on the menu so you can see if you can eat it or not! hope thats a help :wv
Mrs CB Posts: 113
Pooks, I travelled to Australia and back and I was 25-27 weeks. I had no difficulty just got up and walked at least every hour and drank plenty of water, wore the socks and then loose clothing. Only concern really is Deep Vein Thrombosis. Thing is that as you can feel the baby moving at this stage then any change in movement will alert you if there is anything wrong but then again flying doesn't actually cause any adverse reactions while pregnant. Hope this helps and enjoy the holiday/trip. CB