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MrsJor Posts: 203
Don't know if anyone else finds this, but as I'm fair, I need mascara or my eyes look like little dots on my face! I do have quite long lashes, however whenever I get them dyed, they a) just dont make a huge amount of difference and b) they only really last about week and a half. Anyway ..... just wondering if anyone has got their lashes dyed anywhere on the Southside of Dublin and found them really good! Am off on my hen to Spain next week, so would like to be able to get them done before I go!
Lyncarr Posts: 30
mst paces are good at doing it try la Avenue there all over Dublin in the Arcade on Grafton street also. Ask for blue black thats the darkest colour really worth doing, I am not the type to wear make up but I do get the lashes done a lot of the time. Linda
fairy Posts: 327
Dont know if you would be interested in this but Pout in BT's do false lashes that last a week. You can get them just in the corners of your eye, to give the edge a fuller effect. My friend got them done on all of her lashes, both she and I thought they were a bit much, she said she felt like a cow with these huge eyelashes!! I think I am going to get them done for my wedding (just the edges of my eye mind you!) fairy
MrsJor Posts: 203
Thanks Girls - was thinking about the falsers for the Big Day. But think they would annoy me if I had them on all the time and would be mortified if I was swimming or something and they floated away!!!!!!!!!