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Bee07 Posts: 628
Did u ever feel like it was never going to happen for u? what did u do to get around it? Been trying over a year now - its all do draining to keep on getting those BFN when it seems everyone else in the world finds it so easy :o(
Bee07 Posts: 628
When I say get around it I mean feeling like it will never happen - were any of u in the same situation and got ur BFP - I feel like I jinx things every month
Ice 2 Posts: 224
Bee, we were trying for over a year and there were times that I thought is this ever gonna happen for us but a little piece of advice that someone said was picture yourself with a little one, see them around your house and let that be your focus. Every month it didn't work, I tried it to motivate me to do something else - drink grapefruit juice, cbfm etc to give us the best possible chance. Keep positive Hun and I wish you the best on your journey
Bm10 Posts: 296
Bee I was exactly like that this time last year, I had been ttc number 2 since june 08 (DS conceived straight away ) and I only went to my doctor about in November last year. She immediately reffered me on to a fertility clinic. I had to wait until the end of March to get an appointment there so I just gave up trying until the appt came. Once I had the clinic looking after me I relaxed a bit, because I felt they knew what they were doing but I was still heartbroken when each new AF came around. The worst bit for me was when my HSG was clear, I know that sounds daft, but in my mind if they had said I had blocked tubes or something definate well then there would have been a very clear path to sort it out. I was five months on Clomid when I had my HSG done so I wasn't happy to stay on it any longer but my consultant beat me to it and switched me to FSH injections. I didn't believe that they would work the first month, the clomid handn't worked, my own body hadn't worked so why would these? they did, after 27 months I got my BFP , it took awhile to sink in. I know there are ladies ttc longer than I was but I always managed to pick myself up and keep going. Ice2 is right, do something extra to boost your chances. I started kniesiology in April, and accupuncture in July and I believe they both played a huge part in my BFP. Take care and good luck Kx
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Oh hun i've been in your shoes too, am sending you :xox :xox :xox Many many a time i really thought i'd never ever be a momma, was the toughest journey i have travelled in my life. The only thing that kept me going was allowing myself the few bad days, usually when AF arrived, then i picked myself up and said right here we go again and god willing this will be our month. You gotta keep positive, i know v v hard at times but you will get there hun. We were given 2% odds of conceiving on our own to poor SA, BUT we went for our 1st ICSI in HARI and thank god we were lucky and our lil miracle is fast asleep now, we also have 3 snowbabies which we will go back for soon and please god be as lucky :lvs I hope and pray your dreams come true soon hun, be good to yourself and dh as its a hard road to be on but ye will get there in the end :babydust: :stork: :babydust: :stork: :babydust:
Bee07 Posts: 628
Thanks girls its just what I needed I used to imagine little one(s) in the house, especially after visits from inlaws with their kids - but I have actually tried to put those thoughts out of my head becasue normally when I wish for something it doesnt happen so I figured it was the same for the little ones - its wierd sometimes I feel like I am wishing for a lotto win or something, its so far out of my reach - I need to start imagining again that it will happen for me one day