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Sheesh Posts: 1129
I got this dress in Seduzca in Limerick for a wedding in September,can't wait to wear it!! What you think??
GoldStar Posts: 775
Lovely dress! Wear well!!! :wv
Sheesh Posts: 1129
Thank you!i love it,the back is criss cross, it's very flattering on! :lvs it!
LuckyYear2013 Posts: 3972
Very pretty :heartbeat:
rockstar Posts: 1815
Beautiful dress!!!! You lucky thing!!x
brightling Posts: 1496
Its gorgeous, purple is my favourite colour. Enjoy wearing it, you will look fab!
LastRolo Posts: 6892
Beautiful I'd love that - but i've no where to wear it too.... Would be a tad bit overdressed to go to my local Tesco!
bridesmaidzilla Posts: 1859
Lovely!!!Wear it well, how are you going to accessorise it?
mrsmcdreamy Posts: 880
omg!! thats a fab dress. fab, fab, fab!! where is that shop in limerick? ive never heard of it. dont have any weddings coming up but might look in there for my night after the wedding outfit.
Sheesh Posts: 1129
Its up by Superdrug on William Street, its also on this website: Im not sure yet about accessories,thinking of usin silver but as usual I'm useless with accessorizing outfits!!There is a turqouise jewel on the front of it so I could go and have a look for jewellery to match.