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dmweddingstuff Posts: 32
Hi, I have 2 band related questions .. 1) How soon do you need to start looking at booking a band, and 2) Have you any good band recommendations ... The wedding is in Leixlip/Maynooth area and I'd like to make sure we get a really good band ... Thanks!
Princess consuela Posts: 1480
All the good bands go first so book as soon as you can. I would highly recommend Hard 2 Touch as a wedding band - they had the dance floor full the whole night at my wedding from the very start till the very end - have been to a few weddings and they are definitly the best band i have seen (though i am a bit biased). They playing around Walkinstown, Lucan, etc if that would be handy for you to go see them. If you want details just give me a PM i know of one date they are definitly in Lucan (as my sister-in-laws friend is booking them) Hope this helps Fi
Anonymous Posts: 24542
We had the Amigos and they were the business. A great night had by everyone. They play Paddy cullens in Ballsbridge on Sunday nights. Hope that helps,M.
aconnolly Posts: 27
We booked our band about a year and a half as a lot of the bands were getting booked up and we are on a Wednesday. We have 5th Avenue Dance Band. We thought they were very good when we went to see them. And a friend's sister had them and they were very good at that too. [url=] [img:c5s8gg96];10716;96/st/20070725/e/Our+Special+Day/dt/5/k/6edb/event.png[/img:c5s8gg96]
dmweddingstuff Posts: 32
thanks for all the comments so far! I'm hoping to start looking at a few bands over the next few weeks.
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
we have gone for After Dark loads of stuff on them here they are very good and thats why we booked them so early but with it being a dec wedding we know how busy bands get at that time of the year. you can never book too soon! best of luck