looking for a hairdresser for 27th Dec for FMIL

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snuggler Posts: 1296
Anyone elp, its to do 2 blow dry on morn of 27th Dec, rang all hairdressers already and my hairdresser does not have time etc, tks
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
Hi, sorry I'm not really going to be of much help. Only thing I can say is that I was in the same situation,couldn't get any salons to open on the 27th. The hairdresser doing my hair is coming to my house and can only do my hair, 3 bms and my mum. I was looking for a while to see if any salons were open for other family members to get their hair done. In the end, my hair dresser asked her friend to help her out on the day. The 2 of them will come to the house together and that way a few more people will be able to get their hair done. Everyone's not happy though as I had to draw the line somewhere. (only sisters and future MIL are getting to come!)