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wifin Posts: 4761
Hi ladies Can anyone recommend a GP to me in Swords/Finglas (I live in Ashbourne so fairly close to both)? I am looking for a female doctor who is nice :-8 I had a lovely doctor in town but as she gets more established she is taking more time out of the business and having other doctors employed in the business. She really is amazing and has been my doctor for nearly 10 years but I just am finding it increasingly difficult to see her. Yesterday I went in as I had a kidney infection and I saw a doctor that I had never met before. She didn't check my notes on the PC before I came in so had no idea I was pregnant or of any of my history (the doctors in this practice always do). I had blood in my urine but am allergic to a lot of antibiotics so she ended up not giving me one or suggesting anything (I only have one kidney so that's not on really). I am feeling quite breathless lately and asked her what I could do (I posted asking for suggestions on here too, thanks ladies :thnk) and she looked at me and said 'I've no idea'...reassuring. Then she changed her mind and said that a might have a blood clot (over-reaction much?) and to get to to a chest xray first thing in the morning - it was evening at the time - but if I had any pain in the night to get straight to A&E?! She said that I am more at risk because I am pregnant and because of 'you know, your weight'... :eek I was weighed by my regular doctor when I got my BFP and although I had put on weight, I was still within the normal BMI range and she said that was absolutely fine. This doctor didn't weigh me yet made a comment about my weight. I came home really upset and I think that this might have been the last straw. Ooops I didn't mean for this to turn into such a rant :-8
Greece Posts: 1800
Hiya - try the Plaza Clinic in Swords. There are a few doctors there also but you can book with the one you want. Anne Devitt is the one I was with for years, she owns the practise but I left to go to one in city centre so Im not sure of the names of the other ones now but ive always found them good. Its also the place where they do the baby scans etc so thats handy too :wv
wifin Posts: 4761
Thanks SiS...god can't believe how far along you are hun! Time is flying!
wifin Posts: 4761
Thank you x