Looking for feeback on Curves ?? Please and Thanks x

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boobtube Posts: 307
Hi just wondering if anyone has experience they would like to share good or bad. Have a stone and half to loose and think that the quick fix sounds like my cupa tea!??
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
There was a post on this before, it didnt work for me but everyone is different.
ElizaLou Posts: 126
I was doing curves for most of last year and found it really good. ifound it really quick and easy exercise..in and out in half an hour. lost about 10lbs and seriously toned up. I thought it was brilliant, and would really recommend it....however the only thing is you have to be really consistent with it and go 3-4 times a week before you start to see benefits. I tierd of it before christmas and have started to wobble again.
steen Posts: 1335
LR Posts: 190
I joined last May and have been going properly since last August and have lost 13.5lb so far - I find the weight loss is quite slow but you really tone up within the first couple of weeks. Im hoping to loose another stone before the big day in May next year. I think the speed of your weight lose depends on how much you have to loose, a friend of mine lost 18lb within a few months. It's quite enjoyable after a while and the fact its only half an hour is a real incentive to go on your way home from work as you find it hard to justify not going!!
Tedsters Posts: 1688
corkcuu Posts: 606
Like everything it definitely does work if you stick with going 3 or 4 time EVERY week. You may not lose weight but you will tone up. I joined but quit after around 5 months and joined a gym instead. What I loved about Curves is that its only 30 minutes & its relatively easy. What I hated and eventually made me give up is that there are no showers! I used to go after work and then walk home afterwards and I just felt horrible leaving there without a shower and having to walk home!
december Posts: 1141
You can join some better equipped gyms for the same prices that Curves charge.
corkcuu Posts: 606
Thats true decemberbride - my gym is great and its only €5 more expensive than Curves each month. Its has great equipment, a machine area like curves, great changing rooms with sauna and steam room and all that jazz