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eve24 Posts: 34
Hi girls, Im looking to get get something wrote in frames, like for my candy cart id like to say somthing help yourselves to some treats & my wedding day etc, is there anywhere online that would let me type in my details or design it and print it off? As i dont have my own printer or anything & dont want it costing to much. Thanks, Yvonne
lauraw Posts: 113
I made them myself. I got a frame, flowerly paper and alphabetic stickers in the art and hobby shop. The one i've attached is for a different table but you get the idea.
eve24 Posts: 34
Thats beautiful!! Well done, thanks for giving me an idea :)
LittleLily Posts: 3682
[url:rif8vhvt]http://www.weddingchicks.com/freebies/[/url:rif8vhvt] Some useful things here.
eve24 Posts: 34
Thank u littlelily thats what i was looking for! :) x