Looking for really good bump support

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LittleButtons Posts: 945
My lower back is in bits when I wake up and I toss and turn all night with the pain. It's from the weight of my bump. Does anyone know of a really good bump support that will keep bump in place when I ly down. Think when I ly on side babies fall to side and it pulls on my lower back. I got this a bit on last pregnancy towards the end but I can't cope with no sleep already I'm only 14 weeks
fizzy bubbles Posts: 339
You poor thing, you must be wrecked with not sleeping, a toddler and being pregnant. I am not too sure about the bump support. Maybe your gp would know of something that can help? Also do you know any other mums of twins/ triplets that can advise? I think over in Magic Mum there is an area for mums of twins/ triplets. Best of luck
TweetMul Posts: 495
Hi, You could give the belly bra a go and see if it helps you. http://www.medicare.ie/latest-products/ ... pport.html Hope things get a bit better for you soon
Daff Posts: 11644
no advice but til you get something have you put a pillow under teh bump? I usually have one under bump and one behind me... I'm cocooned by pillows :o0
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
I know Murrays medical do bump supports, have a look at their online catologue. You can have it odered into their shop on Talbot st. You could also try www.physioneeds.ie Many many congrats on your great news :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll