Looking for silver shoes - has anyone seen any?

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Happy Hayley Posts: 66
Hi Wollies, Looking for silver shoes for bridemaids but can't find any! I thought I'd be able to find them in run up to Christmas but it as all gold colours in the shops. We don't want strappy sandals, more a shoe, like peep-toe shoe with hidden platform, high-ish. Has anyone seen silver shoes online / in the shops? Thanks!
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
These are a bit naff but I kind of love them http://goo.gl/Vkh6F (and they're cheap as chips in the sale) This is what schuh has to offer http://goo.gl/znzpG Shoerack has some great stuff in their sale http://goo.gl/6UyNO I'd personally like these the best: [img:1rou6osw]http://i.imgur.com/oxr1r.png[/img:1rou6osw] Littlewoods have a good selection too at http://goo.gl/PRIhl. I hope this helps!
Happy Hayley Posts: 66
Aw thanks a million for that! :o)ll Loads of options there - was beginning to think I wouldn't find any! Will have a good look through those now. Thanks again.
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
Are you in Dublin? I wanted exactly what you described for my bridesmaids took me ages to get some, eventually i got them on Henry street, theres two little high street shops one is sugarbabe and the other is 40 degrees i think, they have shoes down the back thats where i got mine and they were only 25 euros. Mine were silver platforms peeptoe with a diamonte bow
Happy Hayley Posts: 66
Thanks Carriedaway, yep I'm in Dublin. I know the shops you're talking about - will pop into town at the weekend and have a look. Thanks a mill :)