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finet Posts: 403
I think that might just be part and parcel or having and unusual name, or say one that is not in the top 100 or whatever - if people know how to spell and pronounce your name right off, its a fair guess that there might be a couple of people in the same class in school, or workplace, or whatever, with the same name (as it would not be that unusual). and that can have its own irritations! I love love love Nollaig, for a boy or a girl, but DH won't stand for it! :o( some lovely suggestions by the way, enjoyed this thread and might get one of those books nearer the time pls God
Hailey McKeever Posts: 1
[quote="BallerinaBride09":2a6dptd1][quote="lux":2a6dptd1][quote="hartley":2a6dptd1]Definitely be careful of giving your child a mad complicated Irish name that looks nothing like the pronounication. Both myself and DH have them and have spend our whole life spelling them out which I hate hate hate. People assume we are from a gaeltacht area which we ar not and we both work for US companies which makes it hard. When I was travelling Oz I changed my name as it was just easier…… so be careful. Your child may not thank you for the funny sneachta/cabaiste names……..[/quote:2a6dptd1] Can't say how much I agree with this post! A lot of the "Irish" names are dreadful. I have a different spelling of my first name. Its a common Irish name but my parents decided to be "different" (they were a bit rebellious when they had me) and its a pain in the bum. I have to spell it every time I make a phone inquiry, official documents (our registrar spelt it wrong when we registered our intent) are often incorrect and I always get comments on it. At this stage I put up with having it spelled incorrectly 95% of the time if its not important. I'm never going to give my kids an Irish name, particularly one that's "unusual".[/quote:2a6dptd1] If you pick a name like Saidhbhín or Caoilfhionn you are condemning your child to a lifetime of having to spell it out, tell people how to pronounce it, and correct their misuse of it! The very fact that there have been misspellings, use of letters that don't exist in the irish language and disagreements over spellings over this thread only backs this up. Some people may think this isn't a big deal, but those of us who have been through it beg to differ! Just another side of the coin ladies.[/quote:2a6dptd1] If people are asking for uncommon or unusual Irish names they have already thought of the whole "how do you spell it?" "It doesn't look like it sounds" aspect. They don't need to be told again. They're fine with it! And they do look like they're pronounced because they're in Irish, not English. Different language/phonics people.
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
Omg a 7 year old thread. Completely forgot about this place just received a notification to my email.