"Looking" pregnant at 6 weeks????/

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Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Hi girls, This is my 3rd pregnancy, and even though I'm only 6 weeks, I can't see how I'll survive til 12 weeks at work without the whole place guessing. I'm huge! Look about 3 or 4 months gone! Is this normal???? I read somewhere that for non-first-time-mums, you can get very big, very fast!! I have no problem with being big - don't get me wrong, but due to my history I don't want to shout it from the roof-tops until I'm past the 12 week mark. But by then I'm guessing I'll be massive! I'm a bit overweight anyway, but even when my AF is due I swell up like a pregnant woman. I was once even asked when was I due >:o( O:| Is this happening to anyone else? When did you tell your boss? Thanks
glade Posts: 278
Well they do say that your wombs expands quicker because its had a baby before!! Maybe its twins :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Yeah maybe!!! I always wanted twins. My grandmother was a twin, but thats a bit far removed I think for me to have twins, although I'd love to!!! :o)ll
mummy bear Posts: 3824
moon desert, i remember at six weeks i was huge (was pregnant with twins) have you been to gp yet or see if you can get early scan congrats btw how old are your other two
elmar06 Posts: 201
This is my 3rd pg too and I am the exact same as you - I started showing really early, maybe around the 4-5 weeks mark and now I'm 13 weeks I'm really showing - my hubby keeps looking at me and saying, Jesus, that's going to be a big baby! That's exactly what I need to hear. But I was the exact same as this with my 2nd pg - my son was 7lb 9.5oz so not too big. I'm a size 8 usually so don't think size has anything to do with it but I was asked was I pg when I was 5 weeks by a woman I know and I couldn't deny it and she said that the more babies you have the earlier you start showing. I didn't start showing with my 1st pg until I was 7 months, wore my size 8 jeans in and out of hospital, not like that anymore unfortunately! I am still wearing some size 8 clothes (the more stretchy ones but they are getting a bit uncomfortable, have bought load of tracksuits but not buying bigger work clothes until I really can't take it any more, how can this be at 13 weeks!!! - at the moment I just open the buttons of my trousers when I'm at my desk at work - the girls all laugh at me!)
elmar06 Posts: 201
BTW I haven't been to the GP or for a scan yet but twins don't run in either of our families so don't think that's the cause for us so don't know how I'm so big. Although, our 6 year old daughter informed my mother at the w/end that she was praying really hard for twins or triplets... exactly what my mother wanted to hear :eek
Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Well I dont necessarily look pregnant as i would have a far belly on my normally but mum thinks i have put on weight - I did put on weight over christmas but i just assumed it was with all the eating etc....but jeans etc are getting very tight and feel uncomfortable in them so am going at weekend and looking for some maternity gear - i know i am only 8 weeks but comfort is key - esp at work - also a couple of family members have been dreaming of deaths in the family and they are always two deaths and this is supposed to signify a birth so there is rumours floating about the house that i am hiding something - I am only suspect at minute cos we are not long married and most of my family have finished their families so they nearly have me convinced i am having twins....i have had some spotting since the 6th week and i am monitoring it but am making a doctor appointment for next friday and going to ask to get referred for early scan just to make sure things are ok!!
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Thank you all for your replies. Twins??? You mean it really could be?? Gee - I never SEROIUSLY thought I could be having twins - ohhh I'd love it though!!! Well I'm going private because my daughter was stillborn 4 years ago at full-term ( I also have 7 year old son). I have been to GP, but not meeting with consultant until after my scan, which is at 18 weeks!!! This seems like ages away! Is this normal?
mammybean Posts: 10364
happened to a fried of mine, at a wedding. she was having twins. either that or you are further along. i would be requesting an early scan
mammybean Posts: 10364
i would be requesting an early scan. sorry just read properly now. i also had a still born but very premature, 5 months you are entitled to find out. twins come from mothers side... out of interest was it your mums mum? elmar i was pregnant with twons but none on either side of my family either