loose bowel movements

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bjune2012 Posts: 57
sorry if this is tmi but i'm 37wks and for last couple of days have been having loose stools which has turned into diarrhoea to day,Ive gone at least 6times today, have had increased discharge too (don't think its a show as no blood), also having slight back pain...just wondering if this is common dur ing last wks of pregnancy, could I be in preterm labour??? Had doc apt yest all was fine, she said baby was head down but not engaged..just feeling uncomfortable...
goodietwoshoes Posts: 167
It's hard to tell really bjune. If you're 37weeks your baby is now considered full term, so that's good news if you are heading towards labour. It does sound like your body is gearing up for it. I had similar symptoms on my first. Head wasn't engaged either but my waters broke, taking me by surprise, 10 days early. Are you feeling ill with the bowel movements? It's not something you ate? If not, I'd say have the mála ready:)
Cats1 Posts: 215
bjune2012, this was me yesterday and I'm 37 +4 too. Tmi but it was the worst diarrhea in my life, plus ramped up braxton hicks today... I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable too. I reckon it's just normal at this stage in pregnancy... I'm paying attention to every twinge and just waiting, DH has back surgery on friday and at least 3 to 4 days in hospital and then a week bed rest... I'm terrified I'll go early and he'll miss it... Legs are remaining crossed, no raspberry tea being drank or spicy food being taken... say a prayer that baby stays put!!!
bjune2012 Posts: 57
Thanks for replying ladies, I was grand yesterday (prob due to no bowel movement) but the diarrhea is back with a vengence today, I feel fine otherwise but i'm getting frustrated as don't feel like I can leave the house as dont want to be too far way from a bathroom :eek ughhhhh.....hope all goes well for you and your hubby cats1 and he's there for the birth.