losing part of mucus plug at 23 weeks??

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Poppit Posts: 2042
Morning girls, I am 23 weeks pregnant. I went to loo this morn and when i wiped there was quite alot of mucus plug. TMI but it was like a large long gloop of phlegm. There was no blood in it so i know its not a show and that i am not in labour. This is my 2nd pregnancy and i had this approx 4 weeks before my dd was born. I am in with the nurse tomorrow for my iron injection (very anaemic) so will say it to her and see what she says. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this so early? I have been very run down with this pregnancy and had what i thought were braxton hicks at 18 weeks but was told it was too early for braxton and was told to rest as much as poss. I have a niggling feeling for quite a while now that i may not go full term with this pregnancy, so really hoping that this isnt a sign of beanie getting impatient. He/she has been VERY active the last few days, even keeping me awake half the night friday night. According to my last AF i am 23 weeks 2 days , but when i had 12 weeks scan they changed my dates , so would make me 22weeks 4 days now.
Gallifrey Posts: 472
Hey Poppit, Sorry I have no advise or reassurance for you but just wanted to say hope you and beanie are OK. Maybe you could call your hospital and get some advice from the midwives there. They may want you to pop in so they can check everything is OK. Sending you some cyberhugs :xxx
mammak Posts: 489
Hi Poppit, I would ring the maternity ward when you get the chance and explain what happened. Have you any wettness? To be safe, ring. I'm sure all is ok but really don't take any chances :xox
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Hi there hun, I too would phone the hospital just to be on the safe side. Am thinking of you :wv
july7812 Posts: 1787
As the other girls have said Poppit - I'd ring the hospital, just to be on the safe side. Sending loads of cyberhugs pet to you & Beanie & praying he/she will keep put for at least another 10 or so weeks :action31 :action32
Arta1 Posts: 276
Hi Poppit, I had the same thing last week. Im 21+5. I had this on my first baby a few days before I went into labour and he was six weeks early but it was a lot more than I had last week. I was told that the mucas plug can come away in part and then build back up but im not sure how true that is. Im in with my consultant on Wednesday so ill ask him then but I dont think its anything to worry about. Let me know what the nurse says to you.
Poppit Posts: 2042
Girls thank you so much for your replies :thnk passed some more of the mucus yesterday afternoon and had a lot of period type back pain lastnight and nausea. No blood so not too worried. Rang nurse this morn as she trained midwife and went through it all with her and she wants me to go get checked out at hospital. she asked me if i feeling any pressure down below. I am feeling very low kicks down there as if beanie foot going to pop out :-8 but thats normal enough i think. she just said to say to hospital that i have been having alot of back ache and nausea and see what they say. she said they might suggest njections for baby lungs. Rang labour ward and didnt get the most pleasant of ladies, so hoping i dont have to deal with her later. I get quite tongue tied and anxious trying to explain things :-8 and would hate them to think i wasting their time. Have to go in and get checked out. So heading over after lunch. Could be something or nothing. Trying to stay calm and not worry too much. may be just an infection or something. or that i need to rest more. Arta1 good luck with your consulatant wednesday. let me know how you get on :wv
tilsun Posts: 4506
It's so hard to explain things over the phone. Am sure things will be a lot clearer when you go in. Best of luck :wv
Poppit Posts: 2042
Thanks Tilsun, :thnk Hope you feeling better. read your post yesterday and never got chance to reply. Hopefully infection clears for you x
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Poppit... I am glad they will check it out for you to put or mind at rest... Let us know how you get on :thnk