Losing the jelly belly

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daffodilbaby Posts: 916
Really need to lose the belly my 2 ds gave me.. What is the best way to do it. Im doing Davina DVD 30 minute work outs plus started c25k this week. Would running or sit ups be the best way to go about it
blue2012 Posts: 126
Sit ups are a good way of tightening and toning your stomach muscles but tbh there is no point in doing that if there is a layer of fat over them! You should focus on the cardio and when you start to see definition in the waist/tummy area then start some core work. Sit ups are great for a six pack but not much good for normal bellies!
daffodilbaby Posts: 916
Hi Blue thanks for the replies :wv so would I be best sticking with my running and aerobics/boxercise til I lose some weight and then train my stomach muscles?? I'm so dumb when it comes to exercise, words like " core training" " resistance" " interval training" leaves me clue less :-8 Starting training for a 5 k so hopefully that should shift some weight
newshound Posts: 288
I don't know much, but I do know that all the toning in the world won't do you any good except give your flab a nice strong surface to rest on! Previous posters are right, you gotta burn the flab off before you'll see all that lovely muscle definition. I have a friend who is a personal trainer and she recommends doing both, so that by the end you'll have a lovely figure, but not to expect miracles as burning off belly flab can take a long time. A REALLY long time! Also, exercise won't do something like that alone. You'll lose a bit of weight and fat, but you need to do both exercise and diet to get rid of stubborn fat pockets. You'd think I'd practice what I preach, I'm still trying to get rid of back flab, it's so disgusting!
nyshapeup Posts: 1
The best way to lose weight from your stomach is to take a few steps. First being to understand why and consistently consuming more calories than you can burn will result in the accumulation of fat in the whole body. The belly is one of the areas, especially for women, that tends to attract more fat and as a result the bulging belly is formed. In the minds of many people the way to lose belly fat is by doing more stomach exercises. Some even thing that by doing crunches and sit-ups they will be able to get a flat stomach or even a six pack. This is wrong and by doing so you only lose your time. The best way on how to lose stomach fat is not through ab exercises but through a careful diet that will help you eliminate fat from the whole body and exercises that will contribute in losing weight and fat from all body areas and not just the stomach. There are no diet programs or exercises that can target fat in the stomach alone but instead by reducing the proportion of fat from the body will eventually give you a flatter stomach.The best exercises to lose belly fat are not ab specific exercises but it is a combination of cardio exercises that can help you burn calories and fat and strength training exercises that will help you build more muscles and reduce the overall percentage of fat from your body. Once you have reached a level where the fat percentage in your body is reduced you can then start doing crunches and other abdominal exercises to form your belly muscles and why not get a gorgeous six pack. :) Try and snack on fruits and vegetable and if you need that bit of sugar have some dark chocolate. It is recommended to avoid full fat food, junk food, processed food and full fat dairy products. It is best to choose low fat alternatives, natural foods and fish. :lvs Hope this helps