I'm just wondering if there's anyone out there who lost alot of weight & has an under-active thyroid? My question is how did you do it? I only found out about the hypothyroidism 4 months ago so my levels have improved but aren't normal yet. I have one doctor telling me that it will be impossible to lose the weight & all the health related complications that are involved with hypothyroidism. The other doctor (the one that diagnosed me) is not really telling me very much but that everything will be grand once my levels are normal. :compress I also have a back injury, that can heal thankfully. So I have been doing weightwatchers for the past week, never went over points, some days didn't even use all of them. I've done 2 days aqua aerobics, 1 day gym, 1 day swim/jog in the water (recommended for my back). Stepped onto the scales this morning & nothing gone, not even 0.5 of a pound :weep I know its only been a week but I'm so disappointed :weep So i just needed to get it out and had a sausage this morning :innocent: , back on track and off to the gym.