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Princess Lisa Posts: 379
am so happy when stepped on scales this morning as number finally went down and now have 6lbs left to go and exactly 6 weeks to do it all in!! these last few lbs are taking forever to dop off but my dress fitting is in 2 weeks so that's my motivation for the next few weeks! :o)ll
anewstep Posts: 162
well done princess lisa. i only wen back to ww this week so have 14 to lose but am detmined agai. 6 lbs in 6 weeks is totally achieveable......you must be thrilled wth yourself...any tips??????? i have 7 weeks to lose 14 pounds ...obviously aiming for two a week
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
well done princess lisa i know what you mean bout the last few lbs taking forever but it will be well worth it when you try your dress on
missymoomooo Posts: 639
Hi Princess Lisa, Well done with your weight loss, leept at it and you'll be thrilled with yourself when your big day comes. I'm just starting back on ww and wondering how long it's taken you to loose the weight as we have nearly the same to loose?
shattered Posts: 322
Well done Princess Lisa! You're an inspriration!
22 bride Posts: 113
Well done, :thnk i hope my motavation starts kicking in soon or i will never get the weight down :-8